The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good day at the office - Karlsruhe

The races went pretty well 2 seasons bests off the plan from the USA. I arrived in the UK on Thursday. 7.32 is the fastest I have ran in 3 years. Foot problems all gone. 

I had a busy day with 3 event in just over 3 hours.  Coach calls it a work out.  Lol

The warm up area was TINY. 101 bodies all over the place. With sprinters and hurdles trying to get there starts in.

In between rounds Ebonie and I assumed the 'Speed Dynamics' (that's the name of our training group) recovery position. 

I give myself a B+ for today.  Coach gave me the same but then went into technical things that I have to work on in the next race.

: )

The 4x100 was for fun


60m Heat


1WILLIAMS, AngelaUSA  7.38 Q0.160

2MADUAKA, JoiceGBR  7.39 Q0.170

3POPOWICZ, MarikaPOL  7.40 Q0.15

4WAGNER, MarionGER  7.41 q0.174

60m Final


1JONES-FERRETTE, LaverneISV  7.11 0.176

2SOUMARE, MiryamFRA=PB  7.27 0.189

3FLOYD-BROADNAX, EbonieUSA  7.30 0.155

4MADUAKA, JoiceGBR  7.32 0.170

5WILLIAMS, AngelaUSA  7.35 0.169


1FLOYD-BROADNAX, EbonieUSA  23.55 0.189
2MADUAKA, JoiceGBR  23.66 0.192
3MÖLLINGER, AnneGER  23.92 0.190

Ebonie and Dwight from my training group were also at this meet
Dwight decided to get his sprint on and ran the 60m at this meet. He did good 6.72 for 2nd in his heat and 6.74 in the final. Ebonie ran 7.30 for 3rd in the 60 and 23.55 for 2nd over all in the 200m. 
And onto the next race.....

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