The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 Outdoor has started

So the seasons has started and not too shabby if I must say.

I began with a little meet in Orlando which was in my own words terrible. Putting my 1st race together after weeks of breaking down different aspects of the race was the worst. I didn't start and basically played catch up which you can't do in a 100m 11.7?.  I can't even remember that's how much attention I'm paying that race.

After that I flew home to London for a night and then headed up to Manchester for the street race. That Friday night I managed to fall ass over tit  down some fire exit stairs and tear the hell out of my right heel. Can anyone one say ouch. Blood all over the place and 2 nice chunks carved out of my heel. .

The street race was a wet and windy Sunday. I padded and tapped up the heel and ran the 200m.  Just before the start I asked an official where the finish line was.  He said 'run to that 1st traffic light' lol

Job done without dying a terrible death on TV. 23.6? (I need to get better at remembering these times). My heel was on fire by the end of the meet. But such is life.

I then spent the week in London preparing for the Loughborough match. Had the doping lady round who woke me up at 7pm. She got the moody slapped ass Joice. Does she have any idea how hard I am finding it to sleep right now?

Heel still very sore. I had now upgraded to Compeeds. But they keep fusing themselves into the healing wound. (Not nice)

Loughborough Meet

23.40 +2.4 (I won) what I like about this race was that people actually lined up to compete. Very rarely other than trials will we all be in the same place to line up against each other. My coach and I decided I would run as many 200s as possible before I race over the 100. The problem with Europe is that is hard to find 200s. So I decided not to double up in Loughborough. 200 and 4x100 was enough for the day.

Training at home alone always has its challenges. But this year I seem to have fallen into a win win. I stumbled upon Jade Johnson at Crystal Palace. If you don't know Jade is the original Gladiator when it comes to weightroom. (Which is my least favorite part of practice.) We have been lifting and running the odd intensive tempo sessions together. We compliment each other well in our weaknesses.

So Caroline my agent has me on a healthy race schedule. I'm off to Hengelo this weekend. With more races to follow.

I have some other fingers in pies which as they are solidified of course I will share with you.

But season wise I would say so far so good. I think 1 more week and I will be over the jet lag and in a good daily schedule.

Chat soon


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