The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Don't listen to those who say, 'You're taking too big a chance.' Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor, and it would surely be rubbed out by today

Sunday, January 30, 2011

IMG it was nice

So I'm back home in the UK for the indoor season. I had such a wonderful time trained damn hard and explored another part of the USA. I have been told I have a "healthy" indoor schedule. Top marks to Caroline my agent for doing her thing.

I came back to race  my 1st race at the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. I left Wednesday night landing Thursday morning.  This gave me a day to chill before the meet. That was until I got on the wrong bus to the wrong track for my pre meet warm up. Then we had the fire alarm evacuation from the hotel.  (Nice!!!)  Yes it was freezing out there. A jacket would have been nice.

I had a pretty decent run. Thats considering I was in lane 5 (also called the extension lane). It turns out lane 5 is not part of the original oval track. Its hmmm what would be called an add on. The banks are STEEP. I felt like I was doing up hill speed work going into the 2nd bend and lost my footing coming off the 1st bend. 

2nd place yep I will take it. All smiles here.  : )

Even though the picture below would say otherwise. I like how my abs look though.  lol

Below are a few pics of my time in Sarasota

Headed to my 2nd home (the airport) some time this week for the next meet.

Chat soon


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jesus take the wheel

My training cycles are planned on what i refer to as the traffic light system. Green easyish week.  Amber up the intensity.  Red twilight zone which is aways followed by an 'Unload' week. Now these cycles can sometimes run from between 4 -6 weeks. As the title of this blog shows I was DEEP in the red part of the training cycle this week.

Around the IMG Academies complex I have had a not so sexy walk. More like an zimmer frame shuffle. My hamstrings have been singing and I feel like I am 5ft 5" instead of the actual 5ft 8" that I am. I have put some serious work in this week. The football guys have asked me on numerous occasions "where have you been" lol.  Oh i've been around now, just running my ass off doing 6x200 and 6x100 for one of my session. I've been  in the weight room putting on a show on the squat machine. The pro baseball players have a new found respect for me. Im sure a saw one of the sneak into the squat machine and try to push the weight I had set up during my recovery.

No yoga for us this weekend as most of the guys left this morning for the Senior Bowl  (I wish them all GOOD LUCK). So instead I have weight room and a time trial to top off my red week.

This week i feel  has been very productive and I have taken my body way beyond what I thought I was capable of. So 1 more session to be complete and then unload. Please don't be fooled by the word unload. It basically means it wont be as intense as the week i've just had. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tightly wound

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan, but also believe. 
Anatole France

There is an old saying I have heard in Track and Field over the years "Same Shit Different Toilet".  Once again that statement raises its head as I get ready to open up for my indoor season. 

Since Jan 1st I have been playing email tennis with my agent Caroline Feith. We have been planning my race schedule. As the confirmation comes in the reality sets in. As the flight bookings come in I get more and more excited. As an athlete I live to race. Thats the long and short of it. I can go to practice EVERY day but it don't mean a damn thing if I'm unable get to race.

I had a chat with Predita Felician last night and she called my race schedule 'Healthy' lol.  We will be at a couple of the same meets so the blog and pictures should be interesting. Never a dull moment with Ms Predita..

My time here in Bradenton, Florida is coming to an end. Its nearly time to pack up Delsey and head out on the circuit. Oh what joy. lol  The airports, the foreign beds, the 3 hour bus rides, the room mates from hell, and the added pressure of trying not to get sick.  I jest I love what I do wouldn't change it for the world.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 - Turning Up The Heat

So I have completed week 2 in Bradenton at IMG Academies. I wish the heat in the title of this blog had been the temperature. Alas not, just like the rest of the USA we experienced a cold snap here. But, this did not put a damper on the intensity of my work outs. I was joined by Angelo Taylor who made the week fun. Hes a work horse but also a good laugh. He brings such nice balance to practice.

I've basically been in a coma everyday after practice but hey ho not a problem in my book.  lol

The good thing about being down here is all of the facilities and technology that is available for use. This week I worked with the guys from OPTOGAIT. My starts session was very productive because of the on site feedback we was able to get on my stride length and power.

Its somewhat difficult not to be overwhelmed with all of the information that was given. I joked at the start of the session with the technical guys. Asked them not to send my back to my apartment with my feelings hurt.  lol

The good thing is Loren understands the info. He was also able to help them manipulate the system to do more than what was on the tin so to speak.

A great session was had and I did walk away with one vital piece of information that was flagged.

My crash course in NFL Combine is coming along nicely. Warming up with the players on the odd day and helping them go through their paces as they prepare for their 40 yard sprint. They think I'm a blessing as I help thing with starts and acceleration. The 40 yard sprint time can put $$$$ on their future contracts. So sprint days for them are no joke. They also let me sit on on meetings and sessions that they have. This week that included a presentation by Under Armour (sponsors of the NFL Combine) and Trigger Therapy.

Wednesday this week was our regeneration day which consisted of  a toned down work out and ice bath and  pool regeneration. No i'm not in the pool with them. (cause I cant swim) yeah yeah I know.  Whatever  lol

Check out the guys in the pool the jokes continue on land and in water. lol

Tomorrow is group yoga. I will try to post some video next week of us getting our stretch and sweat on.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1 in the hole

So I completed my first week down at IMG Academies. The team down here has been so accommodating and welcoming.  The players have also been great to be around. All in all I think I have upped my training some 30% just from being down here.

Double sessions starting at 7AM in the weight room. Done by 9AM lunch at 11.30AM back on the track at 1.30PM. I'm getting so much work done I'm surprising myself. I've also been able to use the Bod Pod that they have here.  To measure my body fat composition. (the number was impressive)  : ) 

My days are packed and I'm not complaining.  I will will try to post the video of me and the combine guys taking a yoga class.  It was "interesting'  lol

Below is a little video to show you whats goes on down here at IMG

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vision Board

So we made it to 2011. What lovely surprises, new people and growth does she have in store for us?  

I'm over the resolutions thing, have been for a while now. Instead I'm all about 'Vision Boards'. They both really boil down to the same thing basically. Which is I'd like to do better, accomplish more, and be happier in 2011 than I was in 2010. 

So somewhere between partying, travelling, practice and family. I was invited to a Vision Board party by my friend Jewells.  Of course I jumped at the invitation. After all I'm all about channeling my inner Oprah

A vision board is a collage of words and pictures that represents what you would like to happen in your life. 

So you want  to travel the world,   pursue your passions,  buy a BMW, or find Mr Right. You put it all on the board!
The board  works in tandem with the  “Law of Attraction” (putting the right kind of energy out to attract what you want).
So we poured through magazines looking for words, phrases and images that inspired.  
I now have a board that will be travelling along with me and 'Delsey' (My wheelie holdall that I pretty much take on every trip). It will be testament to my willingness to go after my dreams
Roll on 2011 I got my Vision Board with me in my back pocket

Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Away From Home, Away From Home, Away From Home

So with Xmas over I've packed up Delsey (my bag on wheels, that has gone on every long trip with me in the past 4 years). Yep we headed to the airport and headed to. Drum roll.........................Tampa. Well that was the airport and then, an hour long drive to Bradenton, Florida. What or who's in Bradenton? you ask. That would be IMG Academies.

Our training group is to be based down here for the next 2-3 months. Poor me. Not!  lol.  Loren will be working with the NFL Combine team at IMG. I had to do a little 'Google University' to understand the process of The Combine. But, now I think I get it.

IMG is 'Kitted OUT'

  • 10,000 square-foot weight room filled with the most advanced equipment for athletic improvement
  • 4-lane track with two lanes of composite and two lanes of rubber surfaces
  • Turf training field
  • Vision Training center with many of the same visual training exercises used by military pilots
  • Athletic Regeneration area for minor aches and pains
  • BOD POD -- state-of-the-art body composition measurement machine
  • Multiple mental conditioning rooms for 1-on-1 work with mental specialists to develop confidence, focus and attitude
  • Communication Training and Nutrition Analysis centers

So sun on my back. Check.
Facility to die for. Check
Bring it on

I should be updating with video and pics

Its a shame I'm gonna have to leave to race indoors.  lol

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