The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Back in Tha A

To say I was OVER prepared for every eventually that would irk me as I left for the airport yesterday to travel back to Atlanta, Georgia is an understatement. I have over time tried to take everything in my stride when it comes to air travel. Security are after all doing their jobs, right?. The amount of travelling I do I figured it’s the easiest way to approach the events at the airports.

After watching the news updates in London. Yes the news updates. One thing I find annoying is the lack of World News I get in the USA. I have to visit CNN and web pages just to find out what is going on in the world. I digress. The news updates in London had informed me of the new changes to travel to and from the USA.

• Expect 2 hour delays
• 1 Piece of hand luggage
• No blankets for the last hour of the flight
• No world map showing you where you are and time to destination
• No use of the bathroom during the last hour of the flight
• Random full body searches
• No neck pillows

 So I went dressed like cat woman in a Pea Coat minus the mask. lol

(leggings and a T-shirt). "No miss airport security woman no concealed weapons here". 8/10 times I'm subjected to the pat down (touch up my stuff search).Never nice and so not cute. I had the one piece of carry on luggage (handbag stuffed nicely inside) that fit in that little size thingy they have. With no pushing or ramming in to make it fit . Passport and wallet in my pocket.

I bumped into my friend Taneisha Robinson-Scanlon (Irish Triple Jumper) who was on the same flight with her husband and daughter. 

So what trouble did I get into? you ask. Well I am happy to inform you none.  I actually got upgraded which helped. As each person was subjected to a full body and luggage search. I mean take everything out of your bag, shake it out and put it backin search.  They told us to go up to the lounge and they would call for us when they were ready to search us. 

The US end was kinda strict as expected. Before we even got off the jetty we had to have our passports checked and then checked again at passport control. 

Presently i'm in the jet lag "where am I?" state of mind
I have been sleeping most of today.Will just rest up and get ready for practice tomorrow

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