The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

What’s your quirk?

Now I have never claimed to be erm what’s the words. ‘Your average Jane’. I sometimes do things deliberately to go against the grain. Yeah just to get a rise out of my straight laced friends. I have things that I stress, obsess and care deeply about that would have many people giving me the side eye. Yeah people might call them vices. To me they are just things that make my days/life go smoothly.


I work in Communications so go figure. It pays for me to be up and aware of all the new technologies and social networking tools out there. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I update my Facebook once a day. That is usually with a ‘Quote of The Day’. That mostly consists of a quote, which shows how I’m feeling on that particular day. Or it will be a quote that I find that I like, whilst looking for my daily feeling quote.

I communicate mainly these days by BBM and email. If I don’t see you doing my day or you’re a member of my family or a close friend I don’t hear your voice for months and vice verse. I rarely call anyone. Strange I know. I have actually met new romantic interests and spoken to them maybe twice in one week. But BBM’d them all through the day every day. (I so need to use this cute English accent I got here. Lol). I even get my training sessions and practice location and time reminders by BBM and email.

I have a new Twitter account but that probably wont be used to its fullest until I start competing. Im promising myself that it will not be all about my travel gripes. (Feel free to follow me. If that’s the right terminology)

My friends and family think I’m some kinda cyborg. I can respond to and email or BBM in record time while conducting my day to day life without missing a beat. So word to the wise if you want to get hold of me please don’t call. Hell I don’t even remember what my ring tone sounds like.

Tonic Water with Margarita Mix

I have been a Tonic Water fiend for several years now. I’m always looking for something to mix it with. Since being in the USA it has proved to be a little difficult. They really don’t have any kind of cordial here. So doing a MacGyver and testing everything I found behind the bar, including Pina Colada mix. I have found my soft drink tipple. I think I need to have a Margarita one of these days just so I know what the actual drink tastes like. Oh and before you start Tonic Water has quinine in it which is good for stopping cramps.

Waking up at 6am no matter where I am

Most days I dont start practice until at the earliest 10am. So why oh why do I open my eyes pretty much everyday at around 6am. I find the early hours of the morning to be when I am at peace. I can plan my day, reply to emails and read. I can usually read a book a week. I seem to be a sucker for routine.

So let me know what are some of your quirks?

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