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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Not a bad day at the office

Today has been a good day
I ran the 200 and managed to run for the Brits a PB and for the Americans a PR. lol

It was a good day all round. I went into the World Indoors trials knowning that the 200 is no longer contested at indoor championships. So why run the 200? you might ask.

Well I had to run another 200 after the disappointment of Glasgow Jan 26th (where I did not hit my cue) and also because I knew from times in practice that I was strong. This indoor season for me has really been about indicators for how practice is going.

Im learning so much in practice. Competition is the best place to see if I will revert back to old running styles under pressure. Im happy to say that I am managing to retain all the new skills I am developing.

Early this afternoon I ran a seasons best in the heat 23.65. I finished off the day with as a mentioned earlier a PB of 23.43. This is significant for me because I had not PB'd over 200m indoor for many years. Its odd I forgot how to actually celebrate a PB because it had been so long. lol

I also move up IAAF rankings and the Great Britain all time rankings which is always a bonus. Im now behind Kathy Cook with my indoor PB. Kathy is our 100m, 200m and 400m record holder.

Positives from the race
1. Seasons best in heat and PB in the final
2. I hit the race cue (race focus point) that I missed in Glasgow

Negatives from the race
1. I could have ran throught the line with a little more determination

17:24 - 200 METRES Women - Final OFFICIAL RESULTS

1 Joice MADUAKA WOODFORD G 23.43 0.159 PB

2 Kadi Ann THOMAS MILTON K 23.73 0.282 SB

3 Ellena RUDDOCK RUGBY 24.19 0.259 SB

4 Holly CROXFORD WIN 24.24 0.152 PB

5 Melinda COOKSEY TIPTON 24.53 0.189

As always at national championships the UKA medical team were on hand. The guys gave me a massage to work out the stresses of the day from my legs. Sending me home to ice bath and prepare for tomorrows 60m.

So off to bed I go.


  1. Congratulations Joice! I am very proud of and happy for you. I know even bigger and better things are in store for you this year. Good luck in that 60m race tomorrow. Keep the faith!!

  2. Congrats! That is a superb indoor 200 time. Sorry about the 60, that is unfortunate. I will see you in Birmingham!


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