The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Friday, February 22, 2008

No rest for the ................................

I’m officially back in Orlando ready for the next phase in my training program. It feels great to be back as I have missed the group aspect of training. Being home was good the fruits of my labour in my races shows that but, putting the bigger picture in to perspective I just scratched the surface during my indoor season.

2 personal bests over 200m and a season best that lowered in my last race in the 60m is not a bad effort.

But, here I am back to reality which is the world of Brooks Johnson. He ALWAYS makes me hit the ground running (excuse the pun) when it comes to me getting back to Orlando from London.

Session 1
So my first session was 2 x 20minute runs. For all you distance runs and joggers out there your probably thinking what’s hard about that? Well let me tell you I’m a sprinter with the attentions span of a gnat. I have done these runs before and the question is always the same what do you think about? To add insult to injury he sent me out with two 800m runners and three 400m runners. I snuck my IPOD shuffle under my t-shirt and proceeded to walk out into the playing fields of Disney for my runs.

Started off ok, if I do say so myself even had a little chit chat with the guys as I had not seen them for a while. Then the monkey jumped on my back my bouncy stride turned into me shuffling along and the gap opened, and continued to open. I was 6 mins into the run. HELP!!!!

On came the IPOD and I sang along to the songs as I tried to keep up with the guys who now looked like pin dots in the distance. Shuffle along I did as I promised myself no matter what I would not stop. I then got smart and started cutting across the fields to catch up. It’s a 20 min run not a race course. In my mind as long as I kept moving for the full 20mins I was completing the work out. I felt like Rocky as I ran through the fields. Probably looked like a pensioner on a Zimmer frame.

Needless to say I completed both runs having 30mins recovery between each. This according to Brooks is the best way for me to get the 9 ½ flight out of my legs. Hmmmmmmm

Session 2
What could he possibly have in store for me? How about 2x3x300m. For those who cant add up that’s six 300m.

I take the slow walk across the field with my training partner and start the session. Brooks shouts instructions to us as we run past. I’m trying to make them as technically sound as possible. It started raining on the second run of the first set but we continued. The heavens opened and the rain came down during or recovery. Brooks tells us at 5pm we should head back out to finish the session. Its 4:45pm and trust me it don’t look like the rain is going to relent. 4:50pm and Brooks shouts out ‘Ok ladies’. We both look at each other with that ‘Is he for real look?’ and then get up and walk out into the rain. The only way I can discribe it is the World Champs in Helsinki 2005.

Set two is completed with me doing an impression of a drown rat who can’t see. My is head is down as I run the 300s with my eyes partially open. My eyes are stinging with the rain and Brooks is threatening to make us run again if we ease up before the line.

Yep I’m back in Orlando in ‘The Sunshine State’ well not yesterday anyway.


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