The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Monday, April 28, 2008

My song of the week

I am loving this song right now.


  1. Joice, I like!! I hadn't even heard this song before. Hey, so what do you think about me getting a haircut like Rihanna's...maybe at the end of the track season???

  2. Good choice.

    By the way, never told're pretty damn cool.


  3. what song is it. i guess i have to wait til later to find out. i think i know what rihanna song you posted though.

    i'm currently diggin' the song where she sings "it's over now. go ahead and take a bow."

  4. First time hearing the song and I am loving it as well!

  5. Jack - I love your hair as it is. But, you do have the bone structure to carry off the Rihanna look.

    eclectik - I'll take that as a compliment. In good old english slang. 'Cheers mate' lol

    Don - Spot on with the guess. I'm so loving it. I'm not man hating this week either. Just really like the song. lol

    Bossmack - Welcome and thanks for the comment.

    Jewells - Always got a new song up my sleeve. You seen my ipod collection. lol.


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