The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miami meet

As you must have gathered by reading this post, I made it through the night at the motel blu. Lol

The meet last night was a night time meet. Which meant I raced at 7.20pm and 8.20pm. The 100 was ok I suppose. I was able to again work on my start and drive phase. Still have to find my pick up and finish.

The 200 was a little better. Brooks insisted everyone in the training group run the 200 for a strength workout. I sure got that running, and winning from lane 1. I had booty lock when I finished. I'm strong enough to execute the distance with a not so great lane situation.

I have to consistently remind myself that all of the races over the last few weeks have been opportunities to put my race together. I'm still learning new techniques and don't actually own them yet. Come June is when we hope to set my times on fire.

So I again chalk last night up to another point on the learning curve and look towards my next opportunity to put my race together.

Hmmm how does next weekend sound?


Event 17 Women 100 Meter Dash
Name Year School Seed Finals Wind H# Points
1 Ferguson-McKenzie, Debbi Adidias 11.00 11.15 1.2 1
2 Myrick, Wyllesheia Nike 11.29 11.21 1.2 1
3 Calvert, Schillonie Unattached 11.20 11.34 1.2 1
4 Joyce, Alexis Unattached 11.35 11.35 1.2 1
5 Wells, Kelli Nike 11.40 11.50 1.3 2
6 Whitman, Nicole Unattached 11.70 11.58 0.4 3
7 Olupola, Toyin Unattached 11.70 11.67 0.4 3
8 Neal, Tangela Unattached 11.33 11.68 1.2 1
9 Ashby, Fana Trinidad & Tobag 11.30 11.70 1.2 1
10 Ratcliff, LaShawndra Unattached 11.60 11.73 1.3 2
10 Robinson, Amber Unattached 11.59 11.73 1.3 2
12 Munroe, Dianne JR Bethune-Cookman 11.45 11.74 1.3 2
12 Hutchinson, Ayanna Trinidad & Tobag 11.35 11.74 1.2 1
14 Power, Adrienne Unattached 11.51 11.75 1.3 2
14 Maduaka, Joice Unattached 11.61 11.75 0.4 3

Event 19 Women 200 Meter Dash
Name Year School Seed Finals Wind H# Points
1 Williams, Lauryn Nike 22.50 22.90 0.9 1
2 Brooks, Sheri Ann Unattached 22.70 22.99 0.9 1
3 Myrick, Wyllesheia Nike 23.08 0.9 1
4 Demus, Lashinda Nike 23.35 0.9 1
5 Whitman, Nicole Unattached 24.00 23.43 0.9 3
6 Maduaka, Joice Unattached 23.40 23.63 1.0 2


  1. There's always tomorrow, right??

    Glad you made it through the motel experience.

    "Booty lock"??? Is that like a permanent booty clench?

  2. Next weekend sounds great!
    This is we can read the joy and swagger as you nail the whole race game...


    so...did you "pick" the lock????


  3. Jewells - Im cool cause I know Im heading in the right direction. Brooks said one day without warning it will all click.

    The hotel was HORRIBLE. Got damn flea bites on my legs. Theres a reason I do me when it comes to doing what I want.

    Yeah you right on your rendition of booty lock. It subsides eventually. lol

    Eclectik - Figers crossed for next week. lol This jigsaw puzzle is taking some time to put together.

    Ok you gonna have to help me out on the lock picking. Is that more American slang?

  4. LOL

    That was just "Picking your butt"

    me being me LOL

    Pay me no one else does

    Heart this page.


  5. Flea bites??? WTF. I didn't even stay at the motel and I'm going to do a write up!

  6. Eclectik - Your priceless. lol
    I get it!! It just took a while to trickle into the English brain cells.

    Jewells - Get on to all them sites tripadvisor etc.......

  7. :)

    I hardly understand what these people want to pass off as English either lol

    Get someone to video the next race.

    Keep them fleas off the know those are the sexy parts :)



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