The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Florida relays day one. I nearly met my maker.

Jack and I left out early for Gainsville on Friday morning. The drive over was pretty decent just under 2 hours without a stop. We had more than enough time to sit and chill before heading over to the track to compete.

Today I was trying alone my D.O inspired warm up, with a few of my old drills added. I have been warming up with D.O and Aubrey in practice for the last two weeks. I think it went pretty well.

My race was the 100m today. All week we have been working on my start. No I did not set the world on fire with my time 11.68. But, that's not wholly what this was about. Could I execute in a race situation, what I had been working on in practice? Answer YES. Job done! So now we will continue to work on my start and add another phase to my race.

Dinner this evening was in a place called Grandys. It was not a fancy joint. Just good quick food. I ordered catfish which was made to order. Never had catfish before, so thought why not! As hungry as I was I ordered a chicken wing whilst I waited. All good, until a piece of bone went down my throat and got caught. I tried to swallow down with a gulp. Nothing. I tried to bring it back up. Nothing. Sip of drink? Nothing. Then panic set in. I announced calmly to the table. "Oh my God I think I'm choking". Lauren (training partner) and Randy weight room coach both thought I was joking and laughed. How could I be choking and be that calm. I was still able to talk and said no I'm serious. I was able to slide to the edge of the booth, brace myself on the floor upside down and try again to bring it up. This is when they realised, I was being serious. Laurens attempt to thump me on the back was weak bless her. Randy on the other hand had to give perform the Heimlich Maneuver to make me bring it up. Yeah he shook me around like a rag doll. Only ever seen that stuff in the movies. Trust me it works. The sound affects were not cute. Or the splat on the floor as my chicken, stomach acid and finally the piece of bone hit the floor. I felt sorry for all the other people dining.

Brooks ever calm announced to one of the guys in Grandys that they needed a mop, and everyone went back to eating.

These Americans are amazing!!!. My life just flashed before me. I was thinking "Shit how much would it cost for my mum to ship my body home? Would my insurance cover it?" They on the other hand just continued eating. With them laughing at how calm I was every so so minutes.

Thanks Randy for tossing me around like a rag doll. That would have been a damn shame, if I never made the Olympics cause I choked on a chicken bone in Gainsville in April. Lol

Off to run the 200m today. Again all about execution. I will update later.



  1. This was soooo not funny. However I could not contain myself from laughing with the visual of Randy tossing you around like a ragdoll.

    Glad to know that you survived the ordeal. Wow!

    How did you manage to choke on a chicken bone anyway? Were you actually eating the bone???

  2. LOL @Jewells - "Were you actually eating the bone?" Answer: Yes she was!!!

  3. @ Jackie: While at your place, I did see her sucking the mess out of a chicken wing. I was like she might as well just swallow the whole thing. There was nothing left but bone.

    Love ya Joice=)

  4. Love you too ladies. I think?

    Yeah you two have a laugh on me. It was not fun or cute. I flashed back to the fetus.

    Also for the record Jack was sitting at another table. Her impaired vision did not see a thing that I was eating.

    : )


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