The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Florida Relays Here I Come

So this weekend I am off to Gainsville to run the Florida Relays. This time on year in the USA is relay time. Athletes who are not ready to open up in their own individual events run relays instead.

This week my training group have been preparing for the weekend. We have focused on different aspects of our race. This is to the point that I can picture my start in my sleep. lol

Today was in a word HOT. We struggled out there. For the ladies out there all the guys had their shirts off. lol. Yeah Hot Hot Hot in Orlando.

Below is a picture of Jack trying to find some shade. Lets just say she was unsuccessful.

Brooks had great pleasure in informing me that it is only going to get hotter in the coming weeks. I rolled my eyes and thanked God I would not be here in June. lol

I will update from Gainsville when I get the chance.



  1. that picture of jackie is hilarious! i love how we will find the shade of a toothpick to try and stand in.

  2. YAY relays!
    Have some fun
    Bring back pictures

    Jackie has some incredible arms

    I wanna be in Florida :(


  3. There is NO shade in Orlando. That's why I had to leave that place. Bad on the allergies and

    Have fun in Gainesville. Do well...I know that you will!

  4. Joice...LOL!! I didn't even realise you were taking that picture but I sure was trying to get any shade that I could!! It was hot as heck yesterday and I have the tan lines to prove it!!

  5. Really enjoying reading your blogs Joice. Have been a fan of athletics for a while and have been watching your races for years.
    Keep up the hard work and hopefully it will pay off come summer!


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