The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh my God...............................

So I have headed to Miami for the track meet tomorrow night. On really short notice (last night) I arranged with Aub to stay in the same hotel as him. He sent me a link and I booked as we would be driving the 3 hours together. I should have known by the name Motel Blu. hmmm WTF springs to mind.

As we drive down the streets of Miami, the street beggers at the stop lights and the fact that the GPS tells me were are 0.4 miles from our final destination make me nervous. Aub annouces 'We in the hood' yep you got that right. Coin laundries, 'you buy we fry' stores and the tyre shop give it away. Motel Blu which was prepaid last night is next door to a full frontal strip joint. Can I say it again WTF.

As we are sharing a car I can't pull the Princess Joice stunt and announce I going to look for a Hilton and charge this to the game. So right now I am holed up in my room with the door locked no chain, praying for tomorrow to come so I can get the hell out of here.

For real the only reason I am still her is because Aub is with me. Be it in another room across the pool. But, close enough to hear my screams if anything kicks off.

Out of curiosity I looked on trip advisor for reviews of the hotel. Below is one that caught my eye. Can I say it again WTF.

Read for yourself.

“Drug and Prostitution Activity Prohibited”

This is how I approached the entrance to this motel - a big old sign reading "zero tolerance of prostitution or drug activity". The motel was in a very bad area - as we pulled up to the motel, there was a "live nude show" next to the motel. As I walked into the lobby to check-in, I was very alarmed to see the front desk enclosed in bullet-proof glass. Obviously, the actual room wasnt much better. Thankfully, it was just my husband and myself - but I would feel very bad if a young family had reserved to stay here. We couldn't even walk anywhere without getting accosted for money by street bums. Out of the 3 nights we were supposed to stay, we only stayed one - and the only reason we even did that was because our original flight in, was delayed - causing a very late arrival and lost luggage. Since the luggage was to be dropped off later at our hotel, we stayed. We get our room, no tv remote, no garbage can, food left in fridge, someone else's dirty clothes left behind in room, no toilet paper dispenser, mold on shower curtain and bathtub. A total of 2 bath towels, that were thread-bare and stiff. Overall the room was extremely shabby - site indicated that motel was recently remodeled - I hate to think what it looked like before.

We checked out the next night and the clerk informed us that we would still be charged for the entire stay, even though we only actually stayed one night. Dont be deceived by there website - because it was clearly not as advertised. I wasn't looking for a fancy place, just something with decent staff, safe environment and basic amenities - this motel had none

Supposedly I am in the renovated part of the hotel. 'Sleep please come and take me soon.'



  1. LOL for real Joice!! I was thinking that I wish I was there with you guys but having read your post here, thank the Lord that I was unable to make it!:) Maybe you and Aub should have shared a room - haha! Hopefully, you guys make it out safely and if all else fails and the track meet doesn't go well, at least you know you can go right next door and earn a couple dollars before heading back to the O;-) Good luck tomorrow and see you soon my dear!

  2. I am laughing to myself right now. I can totally picture you freakin out!! And funny that Aub texted me just a little while ago and mentioned nothing of his dire surroundings...

  3. Ladies
    You both laugh. God don't like ugly. lol

    Jack - Earn dollars next door doing what? I best send Aub in there with his Daisy Dukes running shorts. So we can get some petrol money for the ride home.

    Bri - Aub is being tough. He scared too. lol

    Nah for real it should be ok. One for the diary and never ever repeated.

    I still aint asleep and I can her dogs, cats or maybe its wolves fighting in the car park. lol

  4. OMG! This sounds awful. I'm not fond of hotels in the first place so this experience would probably turn me off completely.

    When I go to hotels, I bring my own towels, pillow, and blankets. What's the point in staying right??

    I think I will start bringing my own disposable shower curtain.

    Hope the track meet went well and that it was worth the stay in "hotel, motel...I won't tell if you don't tell."

    P.S. Aub doesn't want to be my myspace friend. =(


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