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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

If we have to move again.........................................

OK so yesterday morning I received a phone call from the management company for our apartment. The guy informed me that as of April 1st they no longer managed the property so we had to move to another unit. Wow is the polite version of my reaction. Move when? Today the guy informs me. Where? Across the way to another unit. OK so not too bad. Whats the unit number so I can go check it out before we move our stuff.

We go over to a huge apartment with a beautiful sunken bath but, it has 1 Kingsize bed and 4 singles. Hmmmmmm. So we head back over to our apartment to inform the guy that the bedding allocation is not sufficient as we need at least 2 double beds. So he gives me another until number same block once again hugewith the sunken bath. Also again with the 1 King size bed and 4 singles. Ok so am I speaking in Swahili?

Yet another phone call where Matt (the management company guy) now tries to get smart. Informing me there is no guarantee on the bedding allocation. How about I'm paying for the apartment and there is no way I'm gonna put Jack not even for one night in a single bed. He then starts calling me Mame. Hmmmm so I ask to speak to his manager. She is a little bit nicer understands my plight but, still gives me the no guarantee on bedding allocation. Jack at this point has shut down and is talking about going back to LA.

What we don't understand is why there are so many apartments on this complex with 4 single beds. How many people come to Orlando with 4 kids? Is that the only type of visitor they expect? The management company are wrong for their approach. Come on now. Why would you allocate an apartment with pictures of Mickey and Donald on the walls to two adults, expecting them to sleep in single beds?

The manager calls around and finds us an apartment on the same complex but in a different part.By this point, we don't care just give us the unit number as long as it has two double beds. We have practice at 3pm today and by now it 1.15pm. I tell her that we have to leave at 2pm for practice so if we are going to move, it needs to be soon. 'The units not ready'. Oh boy!. It won't be ready till after 5pm. 'OK so whats the unit number' She can't give it to me until after 5pm. Yeah, by this point I just sigh. So my instructions are call this 1-800 number when I get back from practice and she will give me the details.

So now we head to practice ill prepared because we had packed up the apartment, food included. Had not really eaten well. If you call 2 Weetabix and a glass of Pink Lemonade OK then hmmmm.

We get caught in a thunderstorm. Yep we didn't really dress for this so sat in the car for a good 15mins. That is until we see Brooks walking in his waterproof USA Track and Field jacket. Suppose we had better get out the car and follow him. Its drizzling by now. It tried to rain for the whole session. The thing down here is after the rain its so humid. So I'm in a crop top sweating whilst being rained on. Oh and I'm hungry.

Session done so I sit and watch the guys doing starts. You can always pick up a little something from watching Capel and them do starts. That is until there is a flash of lightening. Capel raises his sun glasses and looks at Brooks with a genuine look of fear in this eyes. The thunder followed too close for comfort. Capel literally ran off the track and started changing into his running shoes. The hurdlers ever the Trojan horses wanted to continue. Then we hear a siren. Yeah a siren starts peeling across the Disney complex. Brooks informs us 'OK that's it they want us out of here'. Practice is done for the day. This is made even more obvious as Brooks jumps on the back of a golf cart driven by a Disney employee and shouts 'See you guys at 3pm tomorrow'. lol

Oh hell we still have to move!!

So we are now in our new apartment with two double beds.

If we have to move again I think Jack will kill me and I will lay on the floor and cry. Oh the view from the balcony is OK anyway.

Forgot to tell you guys this is our 4th apartment since I have been in Orlando.
Reasons for moving.

Apartment 1 - Champions Gate Tuscana - Lovely apartment just in the middle of no where.

Apartment 2 - Vista Cay - The first experience of the allocation cop out. We moved in on a Friday so had to spend the weekend here. 1 King size bed and 4 singles.

Apartment 3 - Vista Cay - The two bed that we moved out of last night.

Apartment 4 - Vista Cay - The one we are now in.

Oh and I have had to inform drug testing every time I have moved. lol


  1. So, I know at this point you are sick of moving. Hopefully you will be set for the rest of your stay. Your a soldier, I would of been so thru dealing with all that. The weather was so nuts yesterday at practice, I'm glad I finished up early. ; P

  2. That has got to be frustrating. Uggh. What is the point of management companies anyway??? All they seem to manage is attitude.

    Hopefully this is it on the moving until it is time to move out for good.

    Your bad weather must've traveled this way. The were ominous. Rain everywhere. Five minutes later. The sun was out again. Five minutes after that, the sky was black again.


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