The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Its not your birthday Joice...................... Hell everyday is my birthday. lol

This must really be a week for birthday. Today is my training partner D.O's.

Because they were all pissing off to Penn Relays today to race we went out to dinner on Tuesday night. The co-ordinating of the dinner was down to Jack. There were so many different permutations of what we were doing.

A- Jack to cook dinner out our apartment

B- Us to go to venue 1 for dinner

C- Aub back tracking and us again eating at our apartment

D- Joice sweet talking D.O into us going out to eat venue 2

E- Jack scouting restaurants and choosing one that was not even open. As we drove past on a reckie (yes Jack I said reckie or for those who don't know reconnaissance) lol. We find they are hiring. Hmmm not a good look when we are trying to eat that same night.

F- D.O's suggestion a restaurant called Brio. Jack and I went to check it out. So D.O who you been here with? hmmmmmm. I liked Brio because they had Lobster Bisque my favourite. So sorted Brio it is. lol.

For the record Randy (Strength Coach) I know its not my birthday and I should not be choosing the restaurant. But, oh well. A girls gotta do what she's gotta do to get her Lobster Bisque.

Practice was staggered which did not help matters as the hurdlers and jumpers were first. I was 2 hours behind them but determined to make the 8pm reservation that we booked.

So the night went well.

Here's a few things that happened.

a - The guys D.O, Aub and Joel were early so decided to go shopping. hmmmmm

b - David not content to eat his own meal helped Jack order her food so he could eat off her plate.

c - David eating Jacks asparagus not knowing it was an aphrodisiac. lol

d - Aub showing off his muscle power by breaking the knife.

e - Jack arranged for Sassy our waitress to present D.O with a desert with a candle. Simple you might say. Nope. D.O's face when it came out was a picture. He was unimpressed with the presentation. Not good enough for him. Plus she had the nerve in his opinion to bring out six spoons. Like D.O had any intention of sharing. lol

All I can say is this picture below is the fakest thing I have ever seen in my life. The smile does not reach his eyes. He is so pissed off and cant even hide it.(no dimples you know he's happy when the dimples are out). D.O your a spoilt brat but we still love ya. lol

This guy was so pissed off he managed to blow out the candle, by just complaining over it.

f - We had the pleasure of the costume change by D.O mid way through desert as he spilt food on his shirt. So that earlier shopping trip came in useful lol. So all the dinners had the pleasure of the shirt off action from D.O. Hmmmmm where has he done that before? That would be everywhere. lol

All an all we had a good night. My cheeks were hurting from the laughing.

Happy B'Day kid

So I'm home alone no Louisanna this weekend for me.

Hmmmm what trouble can I get into? While the cats away.................. lol


  1. I've read about David's birthday now on 3 blogs and each one of them have been entertaining. I think I enjoyed yours the best though Joice. And you're right...totally fake smile!

  2. Looks like fun had by all.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Oliver.

    This is the month for birthdays, I tell ya. My sis-n-law, father, brother, Jackie...

    A person could go broke.

  3. funny

    came thru from jackie's spot

  4. Bri - He he he. You know it. NO dimples = D.O's fake smile.

    Jewells - Your right about the B'Days this month. No more my wallet can't take it. lol

    Dejanae - Welcome. Im about to go check out your blog.

  5. enjoyed the post. always like to see my people enjoying themselves. a table full of athletes. i hardly ever see that. props.

    i also like how you have your fam (next generation) posted.

    dude broke the knife with his bare hands? lol.


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