The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The wonderful English language continued - Or should I call it Hemmingway House slang

Ok so today a brief discussion on my last blog was had.

So to appease my fellow training partner D.O. I have added a continuation as he so kindly added more terms which I will now try my best to interpret.

G'd - A person who is very popular in one night.

Rat - A young lady that guys want that they can't get. So they make up stories about her so no one else will want her.

Foot in foot out - Someone who can't decide if they are committed to something. Their mood swings like the weather changes.

Mr. Me Too's - A young man who thinks highly of himself. Or is it someone who can't help but want to be included in everything.

So how did I do?

I am determined to pass this course in 'Hemmingway House' slang before I return to the United Kingdom.

Please feel free to add more and I will again do my best to interpret. lol


  1. Rat? Wow, never heard that one Interesting though.

  2. hahahaha. you could go on for days if you are going by D.O.s vocabulary. Although I'm not quite sure that's what they mean by "rat" and I can take a pretty good guess on who they refer to as "Mr. me too." lol

  3. I would try to help you sort out this slang stuff, but I don't really understand it either. I'm always at a loss...

  4. Rat is waaayyy off! Remember to add the other one's we went over. LOL

  5. Jewells - its always new to me. lol

    Bri - I deliberately did 'rat' wrong. I know exactly what it means. Because Mr. Oliver has told me at length who I know he thinks are rats. lol

    Mr. me too hmmm lets not guess. lol

    Jack - You just as clued up as me. Who you trying to kid?

    D.O - Way off??? are you sure? The others you wanted me to add

    Wing nut

    Is the only additional one I can remember


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