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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The wonderful English language (and I thought I was getting it at last)

Last night the girls from my training group were invited around Brooks house for dinner. He has some of his friends in town and had hired an Executive Chef to cook. (Bob)

Now you don't have to ask me twice when it comes to good food. lol

Knowing Brooks both Jackie and I tried our best not to be late. But, somehow we managed it. There was that moment in the car when we both looked at the clock and each other and asked how the hell we managed to be late.

Not ones to turn up with two long arms and a smile (empty handed) we stopped off to pick up a bottle of wine. Whilst at the counter we received a call from LaClair our training partner asking me to pick up 2 gallons of lemonade. Pretty simple request you might think. Hmmmmmm. I convinced Jack to stop off at CVS (pharmacy) for the lemonade. She did give me a strange sideways glance but went along with my suggestion. We arrive at the refrigerated section and she says 'nope see they don't have it in here'. I look at her like 'what?'. Here it is in front of you pointing at the bottle of 7up and Sprit. Wrong wrong wrong Joice. Apparently in the US lemonade is lemon, water and a sugar mix.

All I can say is lucky Jack was with me cause Brooks would have got 4 litres of 7up from me if I had been by myself.

I thought I was doing so well with my integration into US life. Oh well I need to go back and dust off my phrase book.

But, trust me some of the stuff I hear from my training group baffles me. A little selection for you.

Tapped out - Unable to continue

Swagger Jack - Copying someone (i.e I buy a pair of shoes and Jackie goes out and buys the exact same pair)

Hunching - Having sex (I think) when ever I ask what they mean they laugh so I can only but guess.

Sneak Diss - Talking bad about someone behind their back.

Yes I often have that confused look on my face


  1. The problem is, my dear, that you also train with Aub and D.O. who are notorious for creating their own english language as well. Even I learn new phrases when I hang out with them.

  2. You're in the U.S. so you must be late like the rest of us black folks.

  3. You forgot the phrases "G'd", "rat", "foot in foot out", "Mr. Me Too's" etc. Come on Joice, I thought you were learning here....

  4. Hi Joice,

    You shouldn't feel too bad about not knowing some of those terms... I've lived in the United States my entire life (except for when Uncle Sam sent me to various countries... including the UK when I was in the Marines), and the only one of those terms I had ever heard was "tapped out"

  5. David it would appear that I might be in the majority here when it comes to not understanding the Hemming Way House slang.

    So I will continue to try to engage in conversation at the track albeit not regular English. Lol

    Feel free if you will to translate the additional terms that I struggle with ; )


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