The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

'It is by chance that we met, by choice that we became friends'

She's here

I’ve had to sit on this little bit of info since my first indoor meet which was Glasgow Jan 26th 2008. To me it’s been like a kid waiting for Christmas to come around.

Not many people know it but Jackie Edwards (Jack) was very instrumental in my relocating to Orlando after my piss poor run in Osaka (August 2007). You see I was a little bit sneaky in that the original invitation to be coached by Brooks was actually extended to her. She procrastinated on the offer from Brooks. I on the other had pretty much grabbed the meal out of her mouth and started making my plans to relocate.

She was actually recruited by Brooks to attend Standford University. I will let her tell you when that was. So if anything the offer was for her to go back to a program that she knew had worked for her in the past. For her own reasons she decided to remain in California.

That is until Glasgow. If you recall she was my room mate at the meet. It was great to hang out. In her own words she would say her performance in Glasgow was not what she would have wanted. She had Brooks helping her out at the event but by that time there is really not a lot he can do for you. In his own words ‘I can not close the gap that completes the circle. You have to do that yourself.’

He again offered her the opportunity to come down to Orlando. Both David Oliver and I set to work making her change her mind or at least consider the offer. I am very persuasive and by the time I left Glasgow on the 26th she had promised me that she would come to Orlando after the indoor season.

Well she’s here and I am so happy. For her and myself. I truly believe Brooks can bring the best out of her. Sometimes you have to revert back to what you know worked for you in the past.

Brooks always talks about it not being the 3-4 hours that you spend practicing a day, which make you into a quality athlete. But, the remaining 21 hours that you spend off the track. There is no doubt I have been putting in the work on the track but, I admit it has been hard down here off the track. I am not one to push my self on people and I know that the rest of my training group have their lives. Without having to look out for and entertain Joice. So now my good friend in track is here and will be living with me life is officially GOOD!!!.

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  1. First time to your page

    That is a GORGEOUS picture of Jackie...wOw
    How could you not cursh on her

    Love the site I'm finding all types of great blogs lately



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