The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

IMG it was nice

So I'm back home in the UK for the indoor season. I had such a wonderful time trained damn hard and explored another part of the USA. I have been told I have a "healthy" indoor schedule. Top marks to Caroline my agent for doing her thing.

I came back to race  my 1st race at the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. I left Wednesday night landing Thursday morning.  This gave me a day to chill before the meet. That was until I got on the wrong bus to the wrong track for my pre meet warm up. Then we had the fire alarm evacuation from the hotel.  (Nice!!!)  Yes it was freezing out there. A jacket would have been nice.

I had a pretty decent run. Thats considering I was in lane 5 (also called the extension lane). It turns out lane 5 is not part of the original oval track. Its hmmm what would be called an add on. The banks are STEEP. I felt like I was doing up hill speed work going into the 2nd bend and lost my footing coming off the 1st bend. 

2nd place yep I will take it. All smiles here.  : )

Even though the picture below would say otherwise. I like how my abs look though.  lol

Below are a few pics of my time in Sarasota

Headed to my 2nd home (the airport) some time this week for the next meet.

Chat soon



  1. Well done! I thought you ran well considering all the distractions you mentioned.

    Hmmm, nice abs!! ;-) Although the look on your face is like you're running for the bus and it just pulled away without waiting for you... :)


  2. Love the interview. Appreciate the tactful responses to the inane questions about whether ‘you should be there’.
    Never stop doing something you love as long as you can still do it. If you can run the times, get the promoters invites, why the heck stop doing what you love?
    And you look great doing it by the way.

    I really appreciate the calm and inner peace you reflected. You know what you are doing, why you are doing it and are happy to be doing something you enjoy. Such a mature attitude.

    I was laughing over your comments on Lane 5.

    Oh, and on the song? That should be the name of your competition runs … The Big Big Bang! Rip the shreds outta them indoor tracks!

    (PS That word verification just came up with "fabless". Gee, thanks ... I'm "fab-less". So what's new, lol?)

  3. @Graham - I run like a girl when I run for a bus. lol

    @D - Thanks for the comments and encouragement


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