The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Away From Home, Away From Home, Away From Home

So with Xmas over I've packed up Delsey (my bag on wheels, that has gone on every long trip with me in the past 4 years). Yep we headed to the airport and headed to. Drum roll.........................Tampa. Well that was the airport and then, an hour long drive to Bradenton, Florida. What or who's in Bradenton? you ask. That would be IMG Academies.

Our training group is to be based down here for the next 2-3 months. Poor me. Not!  lol.  Loren will be working with the NFL Combine team at IMG. I had to do a little 'Google University' to understand the process of The Combine. But, now I think I get it.

IMG is 'Kitted OUT'

  • 10,000 square-foot weight room filled with the most advanced equipment for athletic improvement
  • 4-lane track with two lanes of composite and two lanes of rubber surfaces
  • Turf training field
  • Vision Training center with many of the same visual training exercises used by military pilots
  • Athletic Regeneration area for minor aches and pains
  • BOD POD -- state-of-the-art body composition measurement machine
  • Multiple mental conditioning rooms for 1-on-1 work with mental specialists to develop confidence, focus and attitude
  • Communication Training and Nutrition Analysis centers

So sun on my back. Check.
Facility to die for. Check
Bring it on

I should be updating with video and pics

Its a shame I'm gonna have to leave to race indoors.  lol


  1. And I’m pounding out the miles in the pouring, freezing rain, sharing the gym with the meatheads …
    I’m so jealous, lol!

    Oh, and I really like the new page setup, loads SO much better, navigates much quicker. And the music doesn’t come on automatically, lol! You do your own webpage build?


  2. Ahh D dont be jealous. lol

    New year so I fancied a change and gave the blog a little clean up. My sister told me to stop the music from starting automatically so you have her to thank. lol

    This place is AMAZING just finished my first day here. WOW is all I can say.

    Did a double session weight room at 7.30am lunch and then track session at 1pm

  3. Best of luck for 2011! Try not to race indoors too much! I feel you peaked indoors in 2010 and this didn`t help your outdoors. Hopefully you can get the outdoor qualifying times later on!

  4. There will be alot of changes compared to last season trust me on that.

    Thanks for the support



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