The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 - Turning Up The Heat

So I have completed week 2 in Bradenton at IMG Academies. I wish the heat in the title of this blog had been the temperature. Alas not, just like the rest of the USA we experienced a cold snap here. But, this did not put a damper on the intensity of my work outs. I was joined by Angelo Taylor who made the week fun. Hes a work horse but also a good laugh. He brings such nice balance to practice.

I've basically been in a coma everyday after practice but hey ho not a problem in my book.  lol

The good thing about being down here is all of the facilities and technology that is available for use. This week I worked with the guys from OPTOGAIT. My starts session was very productive because of the on site feedback we was able to get on my stride length and power.

Its somewhat difficult not to be overwhelmed with all of the information that was given. I joked at the start of the session with the technical guys. Asked them not to send my back to my apartment with my feelings hurt.  lol

The good thing is Loren understands the info. He was also able to help them manipulate the system to do more than what was on the tin so to speak.

A great session was had and I did walk away with one vital piece of information that was flagged.

My crash course in NFL Combine is coming along nicely. Warming up with the players on the odd day and helping them go through their paces as they prepare for their 40 yard sprint. They think I'm a blessing as I help thing with starts and acceleration. The 40 yard sprint time can put $$$$ on their future contracts. So sprint days for them are no joke. They also let me sit on on meetings and sessions that they have. This week that included a presentation by Under Armour (sponsors of the NFL Combine) and Trigger Therapy.

Wednesday this week was our regeneration day which consisted of  a toned down work out and ice bath and  pool regeneration. No i'm not in the pool with them. (cause I cant swim) yeah yeah I know.  Whatever  lol

Check out the guys in the pool the jokes continue on land and in water. lol

Tomorrow is group yoga. I will try to post some video next week of us getting our stretch and sweat on.


  1. Still being Jealous, lol!
    It's good to see you've got support.
    Things like Optogait are great aren't they?. There's much advantage to be gained in having very specific analysis of what the heck we are actually doing, to really have factual data on the bio-mechanics of how we individually run.
    Thanks for the “inside” look at what's going on for you.
    (Love the pic's too)

  2. Hey D
    I tried hard not to have information overload. lol

    There was a lot of data that was produced. But like a said a key issue was flagged thanks to the Optogait guys.

    I've had the camera out the whole time ive been down here. Have some great shots just cant share them at the moment. : (

  3. Oh … and after watching the video of “In the Pool”, LOL!
    Is that the Men’s Synchronized Swim Team?
    Or the fat-guys “Water Aerobic Class”?
    Rub it in, lol!
    Too Funny!


  4. Hmmmm I wont answer that one D. lol

    But they are a funny bunch and have made my time down here fly by so quickly. Everyday is a step in a good direction

  5. Man... Luving your bod..esp booty... Check that old coach checking u out...LOL


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