The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Final Leg

So I have been without my passport for a week. Its been holed up at the Chinesse Embassy going through the visa application process. Not the easiest of processes like I said its taken a week. I can remember a couple of years ago going throuh the same process and it taking 1 day. Hmmmmmm .

Im sure the pretty visa will confuse the hell out of the passport control person that greets in my Atlanta in a couple weeks. Really dont need another episode like the one I had earlier this year. If you dont remember read here

So I have two more races Shanghai being the last and then the 2009 season comes to an end. Yep the fat lady is tuning up in the wings.

Like I have said before Im looking forward to getting in the weight room, running hills, segment runs and all the other things that make up winter training. Oh cant forget the group warm up. The first time I ever did Lorens group warm up, which takes between 40 and 60 mins I saw stars and nearly passed out. He has us out there like the 'Bolshoi Ballet'
. He has since revealed that he was aware that I was struggling. But, decided to teach me a lesson for turning up in Atlanta a month late by seeing how far he could push me before I tapped out. Needless to say I will be in Atlanta before fall training starts. Point taken Loren.

See the resembalance? lol

Also Im told there will be some new faces in the training group. I cant and wont give names right now but lets say Loren has been very popular this summer. Lots of people have approached him asking him to coach them. Must be nice to be so popular. lol.

So I will introduce you to the new guys in the coming weeks.

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