The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Intenetions

I only have a few days left in London and in good old Joice style I have double and treble booked myself. All of course with good intentions.

Its just dawned on me while I wasted today away. That there is no way I am going to be able to do all the things and see all the people I said I would. Hmmmmmmmmm not a good look.

The list gets longer and longer. Part of me thinks I should get everyone to pass by the house at some point instead of me doing a blue assed fly impression. Driving up and down London like I aint got no place I need to be.

Its both mine and my cousins birthday at the end of this month. As I wont be here for my actual birthday my mum is arranging a family day. My friends also want to go out for drinks and shake a leg this weekend as I wont be here. I'm actually looking forward to both occasions as its been ages since we have had the whole family together and I cant remember what the inside of the club looked like. lol Now we are not quite the the Cosby family but lets say we have some character that if I wrote about them I would be sent to Coventry. lmao

The blackberry pins are coming in from Atlanta with items that Im being asked to bring back. I know what will be first to come out my suitcase when I go over my 23kg.

There is the school reunion dinner with the girls from Notre Dame High School that I have not seen since 1990. Now that's gonna be interesting and fun. Organising this has been harder than a piss up in a brewery. lol

My friend Gina is in town. She lives in Washington and is here for two weeks. We will have to catch up for sure. Probably rope her into family day and top it off with the club. Poor Gina she don't know this yet. lol

and and and

Yep there is no way I gonna get all this done. Oh well like I said I agreed to everything with good intention.

Funny how I manged to find the time to blog and add a new playlist. lol

Yeah I know pull your finger out and go visit someone. lol

Damn I've been in London a long time how many different slang terms have I used in this one blog?

Wise me luck


  1. Love the song Joice - "Greatest Day" - can always count on you for a good tune or two:-)

  2. I just LOVE Beverly Knight
    Have all her albums

  3. Oh is that what I'm doing on Saturday???? LOL!


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