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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Final Leg - Part 1 - Poland

So I headed out at the crack of dawn this morning to the airport for my final two meets.

My flight left at 6.55am from London Gatwick. Please don't ask me why I was still in the house at 5.30am but I was. Clear roads, luck on my side you name it but I pulled into London Gatwick at 6.01am. I know cause I checked the clock and patted myself on the back. 31mins for some 20 odd miles.

So I'm travelling with Easyjet known as 'Cheapie Jet' to me. Well let's just say they aint so cheap no more. I checked in online last night so managed to be boarding group A. Not bad Joicey!. But received a frown from the check in clerk because I did not print my own boarding pass. The she dropped the doozie. "Do you have a bag to check in?" To which I replied "yes". Placing it on the scales it weighed 24kg. Hey I'm going straight to Shanghai from this meet. So go easy on me. Would you believe this 'witch' that's me being polite smiled at me and said "That will be £52 eachway to check your bag in" apparently its £16 for a bag and £9 for every kilo over 20kg". Yep I got robbed and it wasn't even 7am and she wasn't wearing a ski mask.

So my mouth was push up as I got molested by the security woman. Remind me to take my bracelets of next time. Then I did the Easyjet run to gate 38 which of course is at the furthest north part of the airport. To then be jostled by randoms fighting to get on the plane to secure that seat at the front. Why is it when they finish the assort like there on the damn 'Krypton Factor' assault course. (Yeah I'm old and what)?. Do they sit there with a smug smirk on their face like they achieved something. Like "Dude the plane aint going nowhere till we all get on!!"

So I'm sat by the window minding my own business when the only two black men on the flight want to sit next to me. (Eye roll) and then want to make conversation. Now remember I've been robbed by Easyjet, molested by security, elbowed in my guts by some random fighting to get a seat as close to the pilots lap as possible. Now these two wanna ask me where in going. "Erm check your boarding pass if you don't know". Its aint even 7am please give me a break. So in perfect Stephanie Durst style up went the hoodie and out came the sunglasses. Lol

I was faking sleep before we even pushed back.
Whilst sitting in the car on the 3 hour drive to the meet Loren (my coach) pins me to tell me that a Lufthansa flight landed gear up and belly first. He's in the queue for take off. Now he's gonna be delayed for some 4 hours. They have to evacuate the people, put air bags under the plane to jack it up, rig wheels under it so it can be towed away. Then they have to clean and inspect the runway.

So now I take back my early morning start cause we all know Easyjet flights get pushed back and pushed back. Europe is gonna be disrupted for the best part of the day cause of this. Now Claxton was supposed to be on the 1pm Easyjet flight. I might see her at midnight. Lol

I emailed my sister to let her know I was ok. My mum the worst in any crisis will convince herself and anyone listening that I was flying to Stuttgart when I specifically told her I was flying to Berlin when I left the house this morning. My sister is the voice of sense and reason. Lol

Whilst driving through German to the meet I saw so much beautiful scenery. I've decided for my birthday which is at the end of the month I want an SLR camera. I need to start taking in all of this stuff. My little digital Canon don't do my pictures no justice. So if anyone is interested I want an Olympus Evolt E420. Lol

I went to the track to do my pre meet warm-up. Gonna get some dinner and go to bed early cause I'm racing tomorrow.


  1. Wow ms joice, this is the most descriptive blog you've ever written I'm impressed. Even though I knew some of this stuff already, I still enjoyed reading it again:-) Good luck tomorrow in Poland and have fun for me in Shanghai...of course I'll know what's happening since we've confirmed that BBM still works over there...;-)
    Take care love, till tomorrow.....

  2. Oh yeah...LOVE the picture of Durst, LOL!! I'm sure she'll appreciate the shout out.


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