The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whistle stop ............Back in ATL

This morning at the crack of dawn I set out to the airport to head back to Atlanta. A 9am flight meant I had to leave the house at 6am to get to the airport and check in.

I don't consider myself to be a moody person especially in the morning, but today takes the biscuit. There are just some situations where if a person took the time to read my face they would see clearly that I have 'F*$@ RIGHT OFF' written clearly on my forehead.

Trust me to take Loren's advise and fly with Delta. Firstly they did not allocate me a seat at check in. Telling me something about being given a seat at the departures lounge. I'm thinking UPGRADE. Hell no!!

I stopped off at EAT to get some breakfast and well see below for yourself as to what happened .

Adding further insult to injury idiot boy was on the same flight as me. This meant he witnessed me not getting my upgrade. Instead I get subjected to another security check this time by two women who looked like they had snuck out from cleaning the toilet duties. They have set up a desk in the departures lounge. Secondary security check my arse. This woman touched me up in full view of the other passengers in the lounge. (Including 'Idiot Boy)'. That's when I kicked up and asked why I was being felt up by this woman? The Delta guy tried to assure me this was normal procedure. Toilet lady stopped her assult of my Maduaka when Delta guy told her to stop and let me take a seat. So far I had no seat, bothered twice once in EAT and another in WHSmith finally get touched up in the departures lounge. Great!!

I land in Atlanta and end up in the illegal immigrant room with some very shady individuals. All because customs lady did not appreciate the fact that I had several visa's in my passport and stamps to the USA. 'Ummm I run track, travel around the world' Doh.

45 mins later Customs lady calls Loren to vouch for me.

And how was your day?

Anyway now I have got that off my chest. My whistle stop trip home was great!!. I hung out with my niece Fontaine, who has turned into a young woman since last I saw her. We went shopping and caught up. I also spent bags of time with my sister mum and nephew Max. Max has become a very funny talkative 4 year old. Several times I asked my sister if he ever shuts up and she said 'no' lol

Mum was mum she now has an email address. lol Watching her peck away at the laptop was so funny. Bless her!!

So I'm back on the grind tomorrow God knows what Loren has planned for us.


  1. Ms. Maduaka,
    This was very funny. To read about. Not to have happen, I'm sure.
    The "Idiot Boy" clip was hilarious. Then getting 'touched up', lol.
    Oh, and my day has been made much better by laughing with this blog.

  2. Glad you had a chuckle Anon.



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