The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

When you opening up

The song posted had this line that so rings true about this post

"Everybody's got opinions, they all been in my position"


There's so much advice out there and I ain't even asking for it. lol

Over the past couple of weeks I appear to have had the same conversation with numerous nosey people, disguised as friends. lol As to when I will open up my 2009 outdoor season.

They have not been to impressed with my response. The funny thing is that no matter who asked, I have pretty much given the same answer.

"I don't know June maybe" lol

The mad frenzy of the hot question of the month in track and field is "When you opening up?" I'm oh so tempted to say none of your damn business and check for results. If you see my name then you know I raced. But, I have found myself answering with my wishy washy vague untrue answer.

People seem to have forgotten that since 2006 I have actually had 4 coaches. That means 4 different philosophies. Even though they have all been a little 'Loren Seagravest' So please let me knuckle down and practice. Once you open up you have to keep going. Practice is practice for a reason. Racing is another mind set.

I received a pin from one friend this week who gave me a run down of the start list for the Women's 100m in the Texas relays. Telling me I am missing out on opportunities to run in fast races. Well I'm sure there will be plenty of them still in the season ahead.

Said friend has no idea what phase of training I am in. Just because some guy has electronic timing and a starting pistol don't mean I need to line up and race.

Funny cause a good friend of mine who's a hurdler said this week. "When they start lining up 10 hurdles I start racing" So that'll be April 4th. Good on ya buddy.

World Champs is in August and Trials are in July. I'd rather stick with practice a little longer. If that's OK with you?

So friends you do you and I sure will do me. I assure you I will open up eventually just when and where I want to and not before.

Oh and for those still guessing. I hate racing in the USA so I assure you it wont be on this Continent. That should keep people off my back for a few weeks.


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  1. You were saying.....

    ...notice you're on the start lists for Dakar!



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