The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dakar - Update

Quote for this track meet

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
John Lubbock

The weather forecast for the day is WINDY.

In track and field 2.0 is a legal wind. Last night I stepped into the Twilight Zone. +5.8 and +4.6. wow!!!!!

100 Metres
Official Results - Women - 100 Metres - Wind : +5.8 m/s
1 Stephanie Durst [USA] 11.10 10
2 Angela Williams [USA] 11.22 8
3 Vida Anim [GHA] 11.30 7
4 Brianna Glenn [USA] 11.35 6
5 Oludamola Osayomi [NGR] 11.36 5
6 Joice Maduaka [GBR] 11.43 4
7 Kadiatou Camara [MLI] 11.47 3
8 Gloria Kemasuode[NGR] 11.52 2

200 Metres
Official Results - Women - 200 Metres - Wind : +4.6 m/s
1 Brianna Glenn [USA] USA 23.13 10
2 Joice Maduaka [GBR] GBR 23.33 8
3 Kadiatou Camara [MLI] MLI 23.40 7
4 Natalie Knight [USA] USA 23.53 6
5 Vida Anim [GHA] GHA 23.54 5
6 Symphora Béhi [FRA] FRA 23.62 4
7 Moushaumi Robinson [USA] USA 23.81 3
8 Oludamola Osayomi [NGR] NGR 23.94 2

Windy up my Jacksy definitely is not good for me. In the 100 I felt like I was on a magic carpet.Basically not going anywhere. With the 200 I am happy with the position not bad an effort from lane 8. I was the hare basically.

Anyway onwards and upwards

Next!!! lol

Now for the sad part.
Two things struck me deeply on this trip

The first were the children around the arena. Now we are used to being asked for autographs at track meets. Yesterday for the first time EVER I was asked for the bottle of water I was drinking and the protein bar I was eating after my race. A child came up to me and gripped his stomach and motioned to his mouth. I just wanted to cry.

The second was a comment that a lets say not so smart USA male athlete made loudly on the bus as we were leaving for the airport. It went something like 'Man, I hope the next meet I go to I share a room with some one who speaks English and don't smell bad' A female thrower from the USA turned and said the most poignant thing. I will paraphrase 'You should be grateful that you get the chance to a) travel to these countries and b)be in a position where people are able to speak your language. Alot of these athletes you see here do not have English as there first language.'

This trip and these two incidents have made me look within. And be more respectful of the gift I have and privileges I have experienced will taking part in this sport that I love so much

I hope you all have a good day


Below are just some more snaps I thought I would share

Start of the womens 400m

Donald Thomas (BAH) and Me

Durst (USA), Bri (USA) and Me

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