The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sensitive Smurf

For those who know me my Blackberry Bold is an extension of my left hand. I have been known to have tapped the toggle ball into place when it once fell out. I basically can't live without it. I am a living example of a Crackberry addict. Even though I do have a timer which turns my phone off at 10pm so Princess Joice can draw some Zzzzzzz's Lol

This week I have been having problems with my thumbs when it comes to my blackberry.

I have so far pinned the person below a particular person the wrong message. Both times it has not been language I am not proud of (yeah I have a gutter mouth when i'm ready) lol. Then I have had to explain my actions to the person I pinned in error. Yeah not a nice convo. Thank God for understanding friends

I have also deleted people thinking I had deleted a conversation. Yeah that didn't go down well either and I did it twice.

The first person was a new male friend the second was Jack. Male friend was easy to resolve but still funny because when I re-added him next day the question I got from him was "What did I do wrong?'. Lol

Now Jack was classic. She really took the ball and ran with it. At the end of a convo which ended with us agreeing to stop talking about a particular subject because we disagreed. I thinking I was deleting the convo actually deleted Jack from my phone.

Now forgive me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you just re-add yourself? Not Jack! She got a mutual friend to pin me some hours later asking if I had deliberately deleted Jack from my phone.

Sensitive Smurf for real Ms Edwards. Lol

Needless to say all is right on the world of my Blackberry. But, please if I have deleted you please just send me a request. As it obvious that unless I flat out argued with you. Which I aint had a good fight in God knows how long. I have probably deleted you thinking I was deleting a convo.

Now come on you aint gonna get rid of me that easy. Lol


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  1. Ms. Joice!!! - I need to intervene here on my own behalf - lol! Given the fact that we were talking about ms. soandso and u didn't like her and i did, both of us being pretty vehement in our points of view, it seemed far too coincidental that within seconds of me saying that we should agree to disagree and leave it that, that suddenly you deleted me from your bbm.

    Now, I definitely understand what happened once you explained it but at the time, given that particular circumstance, it seemed as if perhaps you were not pleased with my stance, especially since you've never mistakenly deleted me before.

    Anyway, my dear, alls well in the land of joice and jack, and i'm glad we had a third party who was able to sort it out:-) Plus, you know i'm a somewhat sensitive bird anyway. But you still love me....and vice versa!


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