The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Monday, June 2, 2008


On Thursday 29th May I attended relay practice, at Brunel Uni. The team would be running in Geneva on Saturday 31st May. We flew out of the dreaded Terminal 5 first thing Friday morning.

I had already heard from DO that his bag had been lost in transit at T5. Pretty ironic really as I had talked about his knack of packing smart. lol

Relay practice was ok. Considering for the second time in May it occurred in the rain. We were trying a different team for this meet. With other quartet going to Turin in a couple of weeks time.

To add a little more pressure to the mix. Saturday 31 May, was the date set by UKA for everyone on 6 month reviews to meet there preassigned targets. Basically if you do not meet your target your funding will be cut.

When agreeing my targets, both Brooks and I agreed if I was not running the target time I did not deserve the funding anyway.

So its Saturday May 31 and Joice is two races away from getting her funding cut. No pressure. lol

Its funny because I heard the buzz from the other British athletes that were in the same position. But, I had an inner calm about me that I have not had since running indoors earlier this year.

I had VERY aggressive acupuncture on my hamstring after relay practice. Which had a really good affect. (picture below) I had another session on Friday when we arrived at the hotel.

Long story short I met my target. I wont share with you what the target was. But, I ran 11.37 and 11.43.

Straight after the relay I departed for the airport. I had a spot in the National 100m in the Golden League event in Berlin. I was first on the wait list for the 200.

As I arrived at the airport the weather turned. The airport was closed due to the thunder storm and I was stuck in the departures lounge of Geneva airport. Worrying about my connection flight in Zurich to Berlin.

I eventually got to the hotel LATE!!!!! Looking desperately for some food.

I shared a car from the airport with Paul Hardy. He is the Competitions Director for the IAAF. So I got a ride in a pretty swanky Mercedes instead of the 16 seater mini bus everyone else arrived in. lol. He was a really nice guy. He talked about his recent trip to Beijing. Where he saw he amazing stadium. He commented on how efficient the pre games track meet went. What topped it off for me was him confirming that the warm up track is just over 100m away from the main stadium. I still remember the 15-25 min walk for Athens.

I eventually got a room and to bed at 2am. There were 3 buses scheduled for the athletes to the meet. I was scheduled for the 10.30am bus. Yeah that's right I got 5 hours sleep thanks to my room mate. She got up at 7am. It turns out she's in the same race as me. lol. When I arrived the night before she was just a lump in the bed.

Long story short I ran CRAP. My name obviously ain't 'Wonder Woman'. My butt was tired from the 3 races the day before and the travel. My reaction time was terrible and apparently I slipped out the blocks.

Anyway onwards and upwards.

In now in the departures lounge in Riga waiting for my connection to Tallin. I race tomorrow. I left the hotel at 5.30am and shared a car with DO. I showed him how calm and resourceful I am. I had no flight details. Marisa had sent them to me but they were lost in cyber space. Funny how her email finally arrived when I was already checked in.

Had the usual crap to send anyone crazy on the flight. The crying child x3. With the mothers that have not perfected the art of controlling their children in public places. My Mum had that look down to a tee. lol.

So fingers crossed that there is someone to pick me up at the airport in Tallin.

Update 2.30pm

I had to add this cause I'm still in shock

Let me start with WTF? Who gave Air Baltic a license to fly? I just flew in an over sized crop duster from Riga to Tallin. 45mins what could be wrong with that?

I thought my biggest problem would be not getting picked up in Tallin.

Picture me sitting next to an Iranian Discus Thrower Ehsan Hadadi. Now I'm in the seat kinda tight. He's in the wedged in the seat next to me. He looks at me before the flight takes of and raises the arm rest separating us. Now I'm sitting thigh to thigh with said Discus Thrower.

The look on his poor face as we took off was a picture. Fixed grin and nervous giggles escaping from his throat. He announces at one point 'I hate my manager'. I laugh and silently agree. They both would be fearing for their life's too. It was horrible. Take off was a possible no go. Turbulence as we climbed was the worst.

I'm sitting next to a guy that's like 290lbs and he's looking like he's about to cry. lol

My body shut down and I escaped by falling asleep. I have this knack of falling asleep when things get bad. Not a bad thing today for real.

To add insult to injury there is no ventilation. So now everyone on the crop duster is in fear for their life's and fanning themselves in 35 degree heat, with ironically the emergency exit instructions. lol

Funny now writing about it but at the time NOT!!!

Oh well that's Track and Field.


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