The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was

Today was an early start of which I was late. I usually leave the apartment at 8am. Some how I managed to wake up at 7.22am. Shower, breakfast and time wasting around the apartment meant I left at 8.30am.  This meant my Trigger Point session was pretty non existent. Ad lib warm up, plyos drills and starts was the session.  I was out there sweating like a large girl at the club. Its 70+ at 9am.  

Ive been on the abs since Ive been back. Funny thing is each day I have done them with a different football player. For some reason they don't want to come back for a repeat session.  Today I did them with Mark and Anthony. It was funny watching Anthony go into a blind pain rage. The abs were hurting him at one point that he lashed out and launched a 10lb med ball at Marks nuts. lol. These football guys are strange to say the least. lol

Off to the pool we went for regeneration. Nope I didn't get in. Still being a princess and using the 'I cant swim excuse' Next week I might get in. To be honest I didn't have a change of clothes. (honestly). 

Lunch was Potatao soup, Cordon Bleu Chicken, mixed veg and saffron rice. Yep its nice to be back at IMG all the meals are to die for. 

After lunch I earned a 'Ticket to To Heaven' I went back to the track with one of the players whos coming back from rehab where he broke his hip. Yep Im being serious broke his hip. Not a stretch or a strain an actual break. This guy has had to learn how to walk again.  We went through a warm up on a 1:1 basis. I explained to him each exercise and the muscles he needs to recruit to get the best out of them. Lets just say a sore hammie compared to what hes been through makes me appreciate my body a lot more.

So the picture for today was me at the pool watching the guys regenerate. Work hard put make sure you regenerate and recover. 

Until tomorrow



  1. Whoa, Ms. Maduaka!
    Will all 30 days have such detailed posts? Hope so. Nice.

    My Comments:
    You get to be late?! Lucky woman.

    IMG lunch sounds OK, but I bet I’m still a better cook, lol.

    Broken hip? Yep, hurts.
    Try a Barry Sheene – style motorcycle roadracing accident recovery. No fun, trust.

    The pool? No change of clothes. Hummm …. I think that was to avoid us (lecherous) guys asking where the bikini photo is, lol!

    But the “I was out there sweating like a large girl at the club” had me falling off my ab med ball!
    Truth? As the single-working parent type, I get to the gym late and ya know? All the “large girls” come out at night, working out in front of me and the nighttime cleaning crew only, lol. Maybe that’s a good thing, so I focus on the workout!
    (Which, if I took this the completely wrong direction could have me asking the impertinent question of why larger women of color, well-dressed, look SO much better than fat white chicks?)


  2. D

    You have me laughing over here @ your well-dress larger woman...... comment. The politically correct answer is I dont know.

    Not sure how much detail I will go into for these 30 days. But, you never know.

  3. Well, I'm just catching up with your blogs. This one is very informative. Strange picture though, I'd rather see your smile than your toes! Or like D said, afraid of the bikini shot?? Hey, we are guys, what do you expect.

    I didn't envy you your lunch as good as it sounds.. I had a heart warming Lancashire hotpot. Real food in these still cold days of March.



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