The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I dont want to but it looks like its going that way

You dont want to what Joice?

I have been in pain for the last week and a half. Even ended up in the Emergency Room. Not a good look for a Brit in the USA. But, it got that bad that I had to go.

It started off as an ear ache and then turned into excruciating pain on the left side of my mouth and face. Suspected ear infection. Right now I would take the ear infection. Nope it ended being my damn Wisdom Teeth. Then bitches are on the move and I hurt like hell. Actually hell dont even come close.

Antibiotics and pain killers have palliated the pain. But, this morning it appears I am losing this battle. So it looks like I might be taking my butt home to get the offending teeth removed.

Now the fear kicks in because I have heard the stories about people having ribs cracked while out cold. The dentist gets carried away and lets say leans a little too hard on the patients chest.

So the toss up is should I be out cold or tough it up and go under local anesthetic?

Truth be know as the title of this blog say. I DON'T WANT TO


  1. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at once 9 years ago . . .i was in pain for a few days but nothing unbearable and definitely no cracked ribs. You might as well go ahead and get it done. . . the sooner the better :-)

  2. Hey ms joice...i had all 4 taken out at the same time, local anaesthesia....and i'm still here to tell the tale:-)

  3. Ok Ladies
    Hi hear ya both
    Pain killers seem to be working just great at the moment

    I scared yeah I said it and what?


  4. Hey Joice, I had all 4 of mine taken out a while ago and it was fine. They don't put you to sleep anymore either, just use a local

  5. Thanks Sabrina
    I will look into it


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