The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Testing testing

So with my time off I have partied with friends, rested up and hung out with my family. My mum the ever "can you do this for me" has not disappointed. (bless)

A few weeks ago I got duped into a trip to PC World. What could she possibly want in a store like this? Currys and Comet yep understandable. But, she announces she wants a laptop. A laptop "why?" I ask. Now if you don't know my mother and her friends of the same age group its about keeping up with the Chucku's (A commonn Nigerian family name like Smith).  So who out of her group had a laptop that she now felt the need to match or better?

With feet dragging I ohhhhhed and at all the laptops that had screens flashing. Trying desperately to steer her away from anything that looked like a Mac. I personally was going for the cheapest thing possible. A little notebook. We settled on a full size Dell. Yep it looks like a tea tray from IKEA but at least she can see the keyboard.

And the the torture started. Who was going to teach her? Fingers hovering over the key board like shes in some typing class for the 1940s lasted all of 1 minute. Before she went for the good old 1 circle whilst looking for the letter and stab. (Jesus take me now) This is why when people ask me that age old question will you coach after track I say no. I do not have the patience.  I sit watching her try her best and reach for my phone looking to call my niece and offer her a fiver to come round and help out Grandma.

As to be expected the laptop sat up on top of the printer for a couple weeks until this week. Suddenly she has a new lease of life and what to learn how to send emails. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo  I scream inside. Email address set up. CHECK Teach mum about emails? How many excuses can I come up with. I find myself barking commands at her and think to myself. Why are you being so mean? The voice in my head replies "I can't help it. She's not listening".

And then that moment of clarity. Lets take her right back to basics. She sitting here right now doing an online typing course. I have not grunted at her in a good 15 mins. Shes at level 1 lesson 5 and shes got 92% accuracy. Yep speeds down to 7wpm. But, we aint arguing .  Yeah Team Mummy and Joice.

Now how long can I fob her off with typing tutors? Before she asks how to send emails again. This is just pay back for all the times she used the distract with something else trick on me.


  1. LOL! HAHAHA! Mum's eh? Bless their hearts! Now, Joice, I know you're all flustered and hoping mum doesn't seek your advice for at least another..oh..2 minutes (snicker) but you mean to say you don't have patience! Not patients! Unless of course you blow a fuse a give someone a Joicey right hook! Then a patient there will surely be, on their way to casualty! ;-)



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