The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ain't nothing to see here darling

Yep its been more than a minute since my last blog.

My 2011 season has ended and I ponder my next moves. Coach has given me a month off and then I am due to start back. I'm pushing for October so I can get my ducks in a row.  The 2012 OGames circus when it rolls around is gonna be hectic to say the least. So maybe this premature end to the season is a blessing for my body.

I'm spending time with my family. As nephew number 1 in on summer break. So its death by children's tv, milkshakes and all the things 6 year old boys know they shouldn't be doing.

Now to the title of this blog. Well in terms of track this summer was hmmmmm interesting.  For the 1st time ever I think I allowed outside forces and people to get in my head. Yep they won. I gave a good fight now.  Its made me question myself, peoples motives and myself again. A healthy angry Joice is so not what they want going into the 2012 season. But hey that's what you got. Cause last time I checked. Karma is a bitch and she don't know when to stop.

So I didn't make the World Champs team. Hmmm been there before in 2005 and what a fab season I had in 2006. Thing is how many people on this Worlds team wont make the team next year? Damn I'm not the only person sitting at home from team GB. Life goes on.

Track allows us to dust ourselves off and come back again. Hard work is hard work is hard work.

Its the randoms that have tried to worm their way into my life this summer that has prompted this blog.  What is it they see in me that makes them what to pry into my life. Facebook requests, Linkedin requests from people I have never meet. Kinda defeats the purpose of the site if you ask me. I thought Linkedin was a little cleaner than Facebook. (I guess not) shrug.

Yesterday was a classic. A guy claiming to be a serial networker with 500 people on his list contacted me. In my head I'm thinking sponsor or he knows someone who can. Yeah right and pigs might fly. He told me he doesn't know anyone who can help. Well Sir, maybe you should forget networking and collect beer mats cause you suck at networking.

On a real note the OGames is around the corner and come September (October if I have my way) I have to get my head down and train like my life depends on it.

No word of a lie I need sponsors I have not been funded by my governing body since 2008. All serious sponsors are welcome and needed.

But if your looking to peer in the window and merely watch what I am up to. Please don't bother me I have work to do.  Like the title of this blog says. 'Aint nothing to see here darling'

I'm really just trying to achieve my own personal goals in an Olympic Games in my home town. Now how many people in their lifetime can experience that?

I'm looking for 'Team Joice' not sightseers. So who's with me?

Seats on the bus are limited.


  1. A very serious and well written blog, Joice. I can feel the determination for success in every word I read.

    I hope that you connect with the right people, and those in a position to help will happily do so. Afterall, the Olympics really are something you should rightly aspire too.

    Although I follow your blog, and your tweets, I didn't think of myself as someone prying into your life. I know this is not aimed at me specifically. :-)

    For now, enjoy your family time.


  2. Never that Graham

    There are levels of prying. I invited you by writing my blog and joining twitter.

    My frustration are the tourists that think it ok to intrude, and sight see.

    Im not selling pop corn at the door.

    : )

    Mr Beer Mats really irked me yesterday

  3. I guess being successful has its pitfalls! I do hope you continue with the blog and twitter. I enjoy your insight.

    Chin up. Shoulders back.


  4. Joice, remember you did 23.23 as a 37 yr old, which is amazing! Please work out how to do this again in 2012!

    Dont be down about 2011, you showed that your June form is pretty decent , but that you need more in reserve for July and August. Can you not talk to your coach to alter your training so you are fresher in these months?

    Your 2011 schedule was canny, but 2012 needs to be cannier. Consider venues like La Chaux, Geneva which are always fast. Your 23.23 there could have been under 23.20 and LEGAL.

    Think about your racing , was it important to do an SB at 100m at the trials or qualify over 200m?

    Best wishes

  5. Hi Joice, it's now October and I hope you are training with a vengence!! I am pulling for ya and hope you meet your personal goals this year. Anybody who stands in your way can go kick rocks!!


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