The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Spirit of London Bike Rally

Please watch this video before reading the blog

Yesterday I attended the Spirit of London Bike Rally.

In true Tasha Danvers style. I received a BBM pin asking if I want to hang with her at and event. Being a little worse for wear from our previous night out I agreed and I'm glad I did.  Thanks Andre and his team for having me along

So lets give you a little detail about the Spirit of London Bike Rally. The event was held at Potters Fields  The event was a joint venture between Spirit of London Wards. SOLA, the Damiola Taylor Trust and Barclays Bank  Sadly Richard Taylor, Damiola's father was unable to attend.

The aim was to break the record for a choir on bikes. There was a pretty decent turn out.

I personally had a great afternoon.

In light of the riots that occured in London a few weeks ago. SOLA really needs our help. For every not so great kid there are 10 outstanding young adults in London who aspire to be enhance their communities.

Coming from London town myself. I never had a clue that Joice from South London would go on to achieve all the things I have. What i'm trying to say is not all the kids you see out on the street are bad.

I plan on supporting SOLA any way I can.

They will be holding their awards to celebrate the unsung young hero's of London. So please check out their site and vote, and find a way to get involved.

I know where I will be October 10 2011.  The Royal Albert Hall at the Spirit of London Awards.  Click the link to get your tickets.

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  1. Always good to see inspirational schemes/awards to recognise the achievements of our young people, who all too often (sometimes rightly, sometimes not) get a bad press.

    There are always bad apples wherever you go. Unfortunately the media like to concentrate and report on negativity.

    Yes, the riots were awful, and those responsible should be held to account. However, there are people of all walks of life who are good, honest decent folk. It's about time they got some good press!



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