The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Movies - Getting My Martial Arts On

So todays movies of choice have a Martial Arts theme. My massage therapist Rick recommended a movie and I thought why not. 

Now in good old Joicey style, yep I balls it up. I found a movie which I thought was the one he meant. Oh no no no my friend I watched the wrong move. This one had subtitle.  Hey hoe I still watched it and it was really good.  'The Legend Is Born Ip Man'. Kinda proud of myself for reading all the subtitles.  lol

It turns out this movie is the story of Ip Man (sometimes spelt Yip Man) in his youth. Ip Man is believed to be the 1st  martial arts master teacher to teach openly. One of his most famous students was Bruce Lee.

So I got the bug and moved onto the movie I was supposed to watch 'Ip Man'. What an amazing movie really really really enjoyed it.

So I watched that and then guess what I found?  lol

Yep you guessed it 'Ip Man 2'

So I'm all 'Ip Man'ed out for the day. Great story that I knew nothing about. I'm off to do a little googling and wikipedia reading. I must add I'm glad I watched them in the order that I did. See some mistakes are good.

Check out the movies if you have some time.

I give them a good 8/10

I'm going to get my girlie on this evening going to watch the new Tyler Perry movie. 'For Colored Girls'. It can't all be about Martial Arts today now can it?  lol

Get ready for the 'Ip Man' quotes next week.  : )


  1. Ip Man I know about. I watched it last year whilst I was visiting Taiwan. I didn't know there was an Ip Man 2, so dropping by to read your blog has proved to very informative.

    I shall now go and research, For Colored Girls. I was tempted to put the 'u' into color ;-) Hope you enjoy the movie. Will you be having popcorn and hotdog?


  2. I must say Graham 'For Colored Girls' I found a little disturbing it shocked me. No word of a lie. Both my friend Ali and I looked at each other at the end of the movie and did the 'blink blink'.

    Im still processing what I saw.

    It was a great movie just a little too thought provoking when your not expecting it.


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