The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whirl Wind Stop Gap

So here's the update for the week.  This has been an on going piece which I have been adding too as the days went by)

Russian Winter 2011 (Moscow).
(Update 5 Feb 2011 5.45pm)

This was my 1st 60m of the season. In a 60m there is no margin for error. My start was terrible. No other word to describe it. I don't know if it was nerves or dipping out mentally. But, I stumbled and that was pretty much me out of the race.

The 2nd part of the run once I got going was good. But that's by the by.  The time was 7.43 which I'm not happy about. But hey hoe. There is no room for a pity party.

The 1st 60m race is out of the way.  Its hard to have any emotion about what happened cause there is not too much I can do about it.

Tomorrow I'm off to Paris. 6.30am departure from the hotel.  As the song goes. 'Onto the next one'

48 hours to get back on the race horse.  : )

Meeting Pas de Calais (Lievin)
Updated 9 Feb 2011 11.40am)

Last night was not too bad. A seasons best in the heats (7.40) but a crap run in the final. The gap between both races was too short. I just about had 15mins to fart after finding my clothes and figuring out if I was actually in the final. Hey hoe its all good. Onto the next one which is nationals in Sheffield. 

I needed these races before trial just to get back into the swing of things. I call it catching my race rhythm.  I have NEVER gone to nationals cold. I have to get the shaky runs out the way prior.

I had a major disappointment in Russia I left all my MAC make up behind. Some chick in Moscow is having a field day with all my brushes, eye shadows and bronzers. Lucky for me there are more than enough black chicks on the circuit. So I got hooked up for the race. Shame on me for nearly crying over a damn makeup bag. It wasn't until my friend Ameerah pointed out she has never seen me that emotional over a man that I had to crack a laugh. lol

So I'm looking for friends at MAC so I can use their discount to replenish.  lol (joke)

Below are a few pics from this weeks travels


  1. Guess that’s why distance folks refer to those early under/over-distance races as ‘tune-ups’. You’ve shaken the legs, dealt with the first-races nerves and the jobs done. On to Sheffield, right on track.

    You did have me laughing over Ameerah’s comment. Maybe your MAC bag has treated you better and been a more reliable companion, lol!
    But … I’m picturin’ the pasty Russian chick all made up in …
    make-up for darker complexions.

    And every time I see a Jasmine Sullivan song on the playlist I have all kinda flashbacks to “Bust Your Windows” (which ain’t so good, lol).

    Liked the pic’s. And what actually is on the MAC list?


  2. Ah, sounds like we could turn the weeks saga into a film. How about... Confessions of a track chick! ;-)

    Hope you're all ready for the nationals. Fingers crossed for the coolest blogger in town.


  3. @D - My blessing is im in a position to laugh the ups and downs off. If I wasn't personally going through these dramas I would think they were being made up. You should have seen my face when I realized my make up bag was not with me. It was like someone had stolen my 1st born child. lol

    For real though I'm looking forward to this weekend. I always enjoy nationals and I will be doing both events as always. Im a sprinter not a 60m specialist.

    On the MAC list so far, foundation, brushes, bronzer, eye shadows, primer. The works basically. Its a bag that has taken time to put together. : (

    Oh boy your about to set me off again. Just messing. Shit if I have to I will make friend with Maybeline and Lorel this week. lol

    @Graham - You would so not want me to confess some of the things I see and hear on the circuit. (just messing or am I?)

    Thanks for the support.



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