The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Fat Lady Sang

So the indoor season is done. To say the last few weeks have been compact would be an understatement.  I have enjoyed every minute of it. Ironically I stared with an Aviva meet and ended with one. Nice!!!

Yesterday was my last race in Birmingham.  My preparation for the event was nil. I mean really nothing. I was sick all week.  I was invited to the Fulham v Chelsea meet last Monday. I caught a could sitting out on the balcony watching the 1st half. (That will teach me to be out there trying to look cute).  Pepper soup from my mum and lots of sleep and laying up in the bed is what my week consisted of.

I did a pre meet warm up on Friday night and basically turned up at the meet Saturday morning.

I finished off with a seasons best in the 200m  and a 3rd place positioning. I also ran in the 60m. That was not so good. I was extremely dehydrated after my 200m. The dry atmosphere in Birmingham Indoor Arena is no joke. I cramped in my hip in the blocks and that was pretty much it. The short turn around between the 2 events meant I could not guzzle down litres of fluid. 

Hey Ive had a great indoor season. 

Next week I am going to wear one of my other many hats. I'm going to be Auntie Joice as its half term.  My 5 year old nephew has it in his head I'm taking him to Euro Disney. Thanks sis.  I hate to break it to him but Disney Channel will as far as I stretching next week.  lol

I love him like he was my own son so I can assure you there will be lots of spoiling. As Im due to head back to the USA soon after to prepare for the outdoor season.

I got some news I can't share right now as always but you will have to keep popping back to the blog to find out what I'm up to.

Take care



  1. I saw your 200m race. hought you did well to get a SB, all things considered.

    Wishing you much fun with your nephew. I would say enjoy the rest, but I guess you wont be getting much rest! ;-)

    What do you mean at the footie trying to look cute? You always look cute :-)

    I look forward to hearing your news, when you're ready to share it with us.


  2. Nice run in the 200. That’s a good time.
    While Ms. Knight (got a soft spot for that young lady, lol) won with a pretty fast time, she has heavy backing to do that. You are accomplishing a great deal running your own program.
    Look forward to the outdoor season and seeing you compete in Daegu.

    Too bad about the cold. Those ‘extra curricular’ activities always seem to have some kind of price tag, huh?

    And I agree with “Prestonpoet” … what do you mean “trying” to look cute?

    Enjoy the time with the nephew. They are young only once, so soak it up … as I know with my own.


  3. Thanks Dx and Graham
    Im experiencing death by animated movie. Already watched Tangled and Toy Story 3. This boy really knows how to work me. lol

  4. Dying on the kiddie flicks comment… LOL!

    Well, I think I now know most of the words/music to such highlight films as Pocahontas, The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and The Beast, etc, ‘cause my daughter loved all that stuff. I have watched it on the big screen, on the DVD, on the computer download, On Ice no less …

    The things I’ve done for that girl …



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