The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Monday, February 15, 2010

World Indoor Trials - Sheffield

So I set off to the trials for World Indoors in Sheffield on Thursday.  I had to make a run to my 2nd home (the airport) first to scoop up my coach who flew in from the Stockholm track meet the night before. 

We headed over to Lee Valley to put in a Pre Meet training session before the 3 hour drive up north.

The session went really well considering the day before I had been on bed rest.  I have picked up a nasty bug from Moscow. Not sure if it was the flight or the hotel.  All I know is when I was trying to practice on Tuesday I nearly passed out. Saw stars and broke out into a sweat. So tissues and Paracetamol at the ready off I headed to Sheffield.

I had cut a deal with Loren that he would do the motorway drives and I would do the city road drive. Hmmmmm bad move as we swapped seats at the service station on M1.  Imagine Loren gripping the steering wheel for dear life as he navigating getting us back on the motorway. His shoulders hunched and not rested back on the seat and me braking in the passenger seat. Hmmmmm (fun times)  lol

I am not very familiar with the streets of Sheffield so it took us as usual and extra 30mins of driving to find the hotel. (Sheffield is the land of the ring road and round about).  

Today consists of pre meet warm up. So I went to the track in the morning to lift and then returned later for a warm up session on the track. Loren had a complete look of shock on his face because the allocated time for athletes to use the track was 7pm - 9pm. Loren was eager for us to get there on time I didn't understand what his urgency was, until he mentioned in the car the the track would be busy. (Oh little did he know).  There was a grand total of maybe 10 people on the track.  lol

I had my pick of all lanes.

Good breakfast and off to the track basically.
   I was not feeling my best I wont lie all Loren kept telling me is "you don't have to be at your best to be your best" The team in the call room had a good laugh at me as I constantly blew my nose and hacked up. I don't think the girls in my race were too impressed but oh well. 
I won the 60m for the 6th or 7th time I actually not sure. Happy? Yes. I qualified for the 60m at the World Indoors so job done. : ).  Of course I was drug tested which took a while and had me peeing for the rest of the night as I drank far to much to provide sample.

Could I feel any worse than yesterday the answer would be YES. I made arrangements to see the Dr after my first round in the 200m. I won my heat in 23.81 but was having problems breathing. It was like I was unable to catch my next breath.  The Dr gave me some antibiotics which I was to start taking at the end of the competition.  

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