The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Been gone for a minute

I've been home since Sunday morning. All I have been doing is trying to catch up with friends and family, get over jet lag and get straight into practice.

So I'm back to the 1 hour drive to Lee Valley each day. Booooo lol

Nah it feels good to be back. The week has gone well. I've had treatment from Physio Extraordinaire. Cris Kellet who is attempting to set my body right for this weekend.

I decided to head up to Loughborough today to help with my jet lag. That is instead of heading up tomorrow morning for the 11.30am relay practice that we have. I will be running in the 200 and 4x100 on sunday.

So really not that much to report.


  1. Joice the Jet!

    Yay you're back!
    Yay update!

    ...and YAY Sunday

    I'm more than certain Cris is not the only person that would like to set your body right this weekend :)

    Looking forward to the recap from L-Borough

    Get'em Jet!


  2. good luck at the weekend Joice

  3. eclectik - Thnaks for the support. For the record Cris is the only offer i'm getting to set my body right for the weekend. lol

    Damien - Thanks for the luck


  4. Jet lag sucks. I haven't experienced it since being in the U.S. though. Need to travel abroad again because I miss it!

    Best wishes on Sunday!!

  5. Hi Joice,

    It's mica i just wanted to write and say thank-you for allowing me to have a picture with you :D I now have it as my phone screen saver.You such an inspiring person to me and someday i hope i can run as fast as you. It was fun to be there today because there were sooo many amazing athletes there. It was also nice to be involed in the relay as it was a good experience, it was different running third leg but i still enjoyed it :D

    Hope to see you soon,
    Best wishes



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