The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Operation get to Glasgow

The flight over was a night flight which was great because I slept all the way. We landed a little late into London Gatwick. I was some what panicked because I had another flight to catch to Glasgow from the other terminal. I managed to drag my bags across on the monorail, only to be told at check in that I was only allowed to check one bag and that there would be a charge for my second bag. (No surprise there really)

I arrive in Glasgow and only one of my bags has travel with me. Good old British Airways had left my bag at Gatwick. (Yes the bag that they made me pay the fee on) One word springs to mind REFUND. I had my spikes in my back pack which after all is the most important thing I nee. So I remained calm as I went through the process of filling out forms with the staff at Glasgow airport. (This behaviour surprised the other athletes that were in the airport with me. I think they expected me to kick up a fuss). I was told my bag would arrive some 5 hours later.

My main focus for the next 72 hours was to get back into GMT as soon as possible. My plan was to stay up as late as possible so as not to suffer from jet lag. How many movies will I watch between now and 11 PM? (Oh movies in my bag which I don’t have scrap that). The hotel has the usual first meet of the season feel about it. The staff of WGT (The travel company that works all the UK meets) were doing their usual. Brown envelope with useful info inside i.e. the meal time schedule. Bus schedule for athletes going to the track for practice and useful contact phone numbers of the meet staff etc. Oh and most importantly meal tickets. I was starving airplane and airport food is not good for the staple diet of an athlete.

My room mate for this meet was Jackie Edwards (long jumper from the Bahamas). It will be great to see her as the last time was at the World Athletics Final in Stuttgart last September. Even though we talk most days by Skype, email and telephone it was good to hang out.


  1. HILARIOUS image. good job in glasgow...shake off the cobwebs!

  2. Thanks Brianna

    Saw you did good this weekend too.


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