The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Doha Update

I'm pretty tired from all the travel but thought I would type a quick update.

I basically feel like a missing child right now. I been travelling for what felt like 3 days. Aaaaaaargh

I have to get over it as I have practice tomorrow morning.

Anyway Doha

100 Metres
Official Results - Women - 100 Metres - Wind : +1.3 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Kerron Stewart [JAM] JAM 10.93 20
2 Stephanie Durst [USA] USA 11.15 16
3 Sheri-Ann Brooks [JAM] JAM 11.20 14
4 Ebony Floyd-Broadnax [USA] USA 11.30 12
5 Vida Anim [GHA] GHA 11.39 10
6 Angela Williams [USA] USA 11.42 8
7 Joice Maduaka [GBR] GBR 11.43 6
8 Rakia Al-Gassra [BRN] BRN 11.61 4

It was cool. Technically I put the race together pretty well. It just needs to be quicker. I don't fell like I have my race rhythm yet but it will come.

Doha was a beautiful city. Dani Travis and I was taken to lunch by a good friend of my coach. I have acquired a taste for Lebanese food. lol

Also I was taken around the city the day after the meet by Abdual Yusef who used to run the 800 for Dakar. His driving skills were interesting. At one point he drove into the back of some poor guys car. When the guy got out to inspect the damage and discuss what would be done regarding repairs. Abdual winds his window down an crack and say. (I shit you not) 'Hey man, your driving a Kia and Im driving a Porsche. Go!' With the flick of a wrist he fanned the poor guy away like a fly. He had no choice but to get in his now damaged car and drive away. Hmmmmmmm

Pics below

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