The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

30 random things about me....Just in case you wanted to know. lol

1. I have never been really drunk. Tipsy yes, but never silly-stupid, stumbling, don't remember anything in the morning drunk. Losing control, even for an hour, scares me.

2. I could eat fried chicken every day of the week.
3. It took me about 30 years to realise that I do not have to subject myself to the company of people I do not like
4. I have dyed my hair so much that I don’t know what my natural hair colour is.
5. I once went to a shooting range and was too scared to shoot the gun. I got a refund
6. My last name has been mutilated in pronunciation and spelling, over and over again, for too many years now. I think I should marry a guy called Smith
7. I am not sure if i am introverted or extroverted. I am a curious mixture.

8. Clowns creep me out
9. I am a morning person and function my best at 5am
10. I have problems remembering people and their names. I start a conversation with “Hey you” when I can't remember.
11. I’ve had lasik eye surgery. At one point I couldn’t see the check marks in the relay with contact lens
12. I don’t like Mexican food

13. My favourite book is ‘The Nostradamus Inheritance’ By Raymond Leonard
14. I have been told I am honest to a fault.
15. I find men’s bicep’s extremely sexy

16. I can't stand people who are negative. The ones who complain but never change a thing.
17. My blackberrys get terribly beat up. One of them I actually dropped down the toilet

18. I would much rather be too hot than too cold.
19. I believe in soul mates, destiny and kindred spirits.
20. I’m a bit superstitious, which annoys me.

21. My sister, who is my best friend would say I’m always willing to admit when I’m wrong - and I do not hesitate to apologize, when necessary.
22. I would rather take several months to develop a few close friends whom I love very deeply than surround myself with tons of people right away just to feel comfortable.
23. When responding to email/text messages , I either get back to people instantly or several days or weeks down the road.
24. After several crap relationships, I have resolved to hold out for my twin flame, who I believe is my equal and opposite If you find him, give him my number.
25. I’m gonna start working on my 15 year plan.

26. I have never been to the movies by myself
27. I don’t know much about wine
28. I find it very challenging to get through a novel these days because I'm always online
29. I love going to open houses
30. The quickest way to lose my respect is to blatantly lie to my face or catch you blatantly lying to someone else’s face. Seriously, I’ll never forget it


  1. Joicie, even though I know you so well and I probably knew the majority of these things, I really enjoyed reading it and thinking about the things in context as they pertain to you. Loved it.

    PS. You really should try going to the movies alone. I thoroughly enjoy it! Think of it as quality "you" time:)

  2. i only go to the movies alone. i got tired of people talking to me in the middle

  3. Jack - Your more than anyone knew probably all 30 and some. lol

    Still not into the movies alone thing.

    Dre - So is that why you aint asked me to go to the movies with you? Hmmmm that good old USA hospitality. lol


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