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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

And so racing starts. Or does it?

I went on a road trip this weekend to Lexington Kentucky. I ran in the 60m and 200m.

I put them down as my first races of 2009. Yeah I know I ran in a 55m last week in Tennessee. But that don't count 55m ain't a competing distance in my head. A good friend told me whatever time I run there will be a PR lol.

I've been in Atlanta since November going through yet another coaching change. Which means taking on a new coaches philosophy when it comes to how I will prepare for the 2009 outdoor season. Because, after all its outdoors that REALLY counts. Indoors to me just breaks up the training Meso-cycles.

Loren is a great coach for sure. I would NEVER have come here if I did not believe that 100%. I have had the opportunity of sitting in the back when he gives presentations and lectures. I find I learn better this way. People pay to listen to him speak and I sneak in the back of the lecture theatre. Pretty neat if I do say so myself. lol

He calls this phase travel to train. I finally got what he meant at yesterdays meet. In Lorens eye I won't be ready to COMPETE indoors until February. So people please yes read the results but know I have not tappered off any of my training and I'm at theses meets working on particular aspects of my race.

'There is no better place to practice than in a competition environment' Loren Seagrave.

I on the other had was some what frustrated. Basically because I'm still trying to figure out and own my start and new running technique. So why why why would you send me out in public at a college track meet to figure this out.

But, for real and jokes apart I get it. What will Joice do when the chips are down and the pressure is on?

A) Try and repeat all the things she has learnt in practice.
B) Return to what she used to do. 'You do the same you get the same'
C) Run down the track like her hair is on fire and just get there.

You'll be happy to know I am doing more of A albeit hesitantly with me start. lol.

Let me explain a little about the meets I have been running in. They are collegiate meets. Not your Grand Prix or Permit Meet. They have the 1 false start and you're out the race rule. (A bug bear of mine which makes me even more nervous if that is the correct word that I'm using.)

I'm supposed to be the professional athlete these kids are trying to scalp me. lol.

They don't know I'm out there 'Trying to figure out aspects of my race' They see the Olympic rings tatted on my left leg and say 'Oh Imma about to go get her' lol

So I was up in Lexington this weekend sitting in the blocks trying not to false start. Cause I'm not about to drive 5 hours to false start my arse out of a race. lol

Loren has informed me he has some reaction drills lined up for me which will stop me from doing this. I just pray it doesn't involve a Cattle Prong. lol

He was happy with the runs because I highlight to him the things I still need work on.

The 200m was also interesting I raced for the first time on an over sized flat indoor track. The track was 290 round. Strange!. It was not great running the turn was hard. As I tried to stay in the lane. Give me a European banked track any day. Well at least I can add it to my list of things I will never do again if I can help it.

My results
Event 19 Women 60 Meter Dash

Name Year School Finals Points
Section 1 Finals
1 Ahoure, Murielle SR Miami (FL) 7.17A
2 Brookins, Kya SO So. Carolina 7.33P
3 Kidd, Ashlee Unattached 15 7.37P
4 Maduaka, Joice Unattached 2 7.45

Event 27 Women 200 Meter Dash

Name Year School Finals Points

Section 1
1 Kidd, Ashlee Unattached 15 23.43P
2 Long, Brittany FR Cent.Florida 24.04
3 Maduaka, Joice Unattached 2 24.31

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