The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wow 9.69 World Record

It was amazing to watch Usain Bolts 100m world record this afternoon. To watch him enjoy every moment of his 100m final from the moment he walked out on the track was a breath of fresh air.

So relaxed
So smooth through his phases
From one so tall. 6ft 5.


The world record for 100 has moved along. We all know hes gonna lower it before the end of the season.
Now let’s see what the women do and then on to the 200m

100m mens world record progression below

9.69 U Bolt, Beijing 2008
9.72 U Bolt, New York 2008
9.74 A Powell, Rieti 2007
9.77 A Powell, Athens 2005
9.79 M Greene, Athens 1999
9.84 D Bailey, Atlanta 1996
9.85 L Burrell, Lausanne 1994
9.86 C Lewis, Tokyo 1991
9.90 L Burrell, New York 1991
9.92 C Lewis, Seoul 1988
9.93 C Smith, Colorado 1983
9.95 J Hines, Mexico 1968


  1. It's Bull how they are trying to play him as disrespectful etc...they are just mad the man can do what he can do...had he been a USA Athelete they prolly wouldnt say anything...feh

    Fun to watch, though you know who I rather see :)


  2. e - I know your in your element right now watching all those track girls. lol.

    I hear US coverage of the gams is Piss Poor so can understand the bias that they are broadcasting. lol

    Hope your enjoying the games


  3. SO MANY GREAT ATHLETES come from different countries other than just AMERICA ... THATS DEEP ...


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