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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

CWG Reflections

This has been one of the hardest blogs to write so I'm just gonna go for it and see what happens.

I'm back in London home from the games where I finished 4th in the 200m. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. (Bridesmaid).  I am to be awarded a silver medal for the 4x400m at some point. I don't physically have it in my possession at the moment. This probably why I have no real emotion towards it. 

The 200m was my main event and basically I f'd it up by running the bend too hard and not getting the sling shot I had experienced in the rounds. The delays and cancellation of the final did not help. But, hey we were all in the same position. Its funny thinking back now. I had a conversation with Tony Hadley at dinner the night the final was cancelled. He asked me if I was ok. To which I replied 'Yeah'. He said he was worried I would come down from the nights experiences. At the time I thought ' yeah yeah Tony, your thinking way too much'. But, oh how right he was. (shrug its done now)

The 4x400 was a blur. I remember being ask if I was willing to run in the heat of the 4x400 while I was warming up for the 200m final. I batted a 'sure' reply not thinking much of it. Stay with the matter at hand the 200m final. I was aware previsions were being made for me to go straight to the call room from the finish line to meet the rest of the girls. 

So I finish 4th and yeah I'm down but thinking. 'damn they want me to run in the 4x400' The panic set in a) I have never ran a 4x400 relay in my life. b)Where am I supposed to stand? c)Where am I supposed to break? d) How the hard am I supposed to run this. But most of all damn my ass hurts and I cant walk am I really gonna make it round? 

The only thing that saved me was Physio Claire Lawrence and here fast thinking and magic hands. She basically tapped my ass with blue keniso tap. So I looked like I had 'Oprah Winfrey' knickers hanging out of my England red briefs. She also worked on the cramps that I was getting from the heat. 

The girls in the team were amazing. Not once did they doubt me (if they did they kept it hidden.  lol). They told me just get the baton round we will do the rest. And that if I dont run they wont make the final. (no pressure.  lol)

So I get my crash course on 4x400 from the girls and head out to the track. Im so not aware of what's going on. I'm leaning over the fence asking Katherine Merry how hard to go off. Her advise 'not to hard'. The last words said to me as I turn and am pointed to a blue line on the track. Kelly Massey (my room mate) running towards me. Next thing I know I have a baton in my hand and I'm looking for cones to break, Ahhhh yeah I see them. Ok cut into the inside. I remember some chick hitting me as she ran past me and then my looking down the straight for Nadine. Baton handed over job done. Now walk off the cramp and booty lock. My split was awful I aint gonna lie. But, hey 40mins after my 200m final and I didn't stop. They asked me to do it and I said yes there was no way I was going to let the other girls down.

The positives yes I get a medal and I'm sure in time I will look back and reflect. More 400s in the future? Yep Yep.  : )

I also got to go to the Taj Mahal which is on my bucket list. The Commonwealth Games people put on an amazing day for us. Secure Express Train. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  It was amazing below I will share a few pics.

Actually the blog writting was not that bad. (Shrug)  : )


  1. Your disappointment is understandable, I was hoping you would have taken a medal too. It doesn't mean your supporters don't think any less of you, we don't, we will support you regardless.


  2. Well done! Your CG 200m was strong and it was a shame not to medal: Congrats on 2010, you were stronger but maybe could still work on some things. Maybe consider:

    Your focus: NC 60m title or WC qualifier?
    Less is more as far as racing is concerned.
    Get the times, aim to do that 7.29/sub 11.30 in June than in February
    Continue working on your strength!

    Best wishes:


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